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2A5 has electrical turret traverse, 2A4 doesnt.

The possible traverse speeds are identical though

That speed is confirmed by three additional sources.

Also, that CIA materials have certainty and uncertainty, so make sure to read them in context. at least they are explaining when they is uncertain.

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Documents as Gaijin draw in excel (google) like with armor?


Abit like how stingers turn rate is confirmed by multiple sources but yet here we are lol


Does any of you have sources for the leopard 2AV weight? It now weighs 2.5 tons more than the 2A4. A few patches ago it was still the same weight.

It’s ridiculous. It is assumed that just the 120 cannon makes the 2A4 heavier compared to the 2AV…

but that isn’t the case the 2A4 is 2.5 tons lighter than the 2AV with less armor and a smaller cannon.

Helicopter Warning System / IRST report acknowledged for the Bagel
HWS missing on Begleitpanzer 57

Now all we need are some more tangible sources for the mythical APFSDS round.


I suppose this theme is not needed already…

HOT missiles missing on Begleitpanzer 57

Edit: Acknowledged :)

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What with the vertical targeting speed getting nerfed on the 2A4 getting nerfed? Is that accurate or?

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If it helps, the original bug report I submitted for the missing hot missiles was sent to the devs on the old forums.
Begleitpanzer 57 missing HOT missile for its armament - Documented Ground Reports - War Thunder - Official Forum

If you copy over what I posted in the original bug report they should not need any other sources and it should be enough since that is the only primary source on the vehicle . Pretty much all the secondary sources also mention the HOT/TOW missiles being interchangeable by the missile launch system.

Hopefully the new report jogs their memory to add it, would be a nice side-grade to the I-TOW , extra little bit of pen but a slower missile .


The report I sent was pretty much yours, almost verbatim. Both were accepted, but I wonder if they had an internal report open after you sent the first one in. At this point it’s like poking the devs with a stick and hoping they move

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The biggest advantage honestly is that it fires straight.
TOW dips down signficantly before you can control it so it usually just eats the dirt if the target is closer than 300m or if you are on an incline / have an obstacle in the way.