Why does the Leopard 2 AV weighs 2.5 tons more than the Leopard 2A4

Right now the Leopard 2AV weighs 2.5 tons more which doesn’t make sense. Not only does it have less armor than the leo2a4 but a smaller cannon aswell. A few patches ago it was still the same weight but now it makes even less sense than before. It should be lighter than the 2A4

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Less than 60 US tons (=54.4t)
Most sources put it at 54.5t, however the vehicle we have is the one sent to the US trials and was tested at 59.6 tons or 54 tonnes IIRC.

Second source was some congress hearing where somebody tried to make it look heavier than it was, but they do state the correct weight there (59.6 tons).
First source (and from a later date proving it did not indeed “miss” composite or weight) was a Government Accountability Office report.


so it’s overweight ingame with 57.7 tons. I checked the warthunder wiki and there it’s still the same weight as the leo2a4 (55.2 tons). Gaijin at least should bring the weight down to 54.5 then

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