Lets talk about the state of Germany

hmm not sure, havent used the puma yet in one of those, despite it being in my top tier lineup.

Nice, all my reports got acknowledged, AS-30 and Bullpup passed as suggestions.

That’s great. I’m still waiting on a mod to check on the Bagle report I did for its missing HWS. Might have to make a forum suggestion as well…

Begleitpanzer 57 missing HWS

Could also be due to military doctrine. With the bmp2 using its main gun in very quick short bursts and trying not to be seen at all. While getting troops from one place to another over all terrain. Like i dont think the bmp2 was really designed for combat specifically but as a way to give troops a way to defend themselves in emergencies.

And the puma ifv being meant as more of a true mobile infantry fighting vehicle and heavily armored troop carrier. With the main weapons being designed around multiple day long engagements in a wide range of environments. I feel the puma was partly designed as a result of knowledge gained from the middle east and the importance of attrition.

weren’t these AS30s to be more specific AS30L (L for light)?

From what I can tell there is no such thing, just the regular AS-30 (MCLOS) and the AS-30L (laser). The one tested on the G.91 was the MCLOS version.

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I believe that was the result of the last dicussion about AS-30s on the g91, but the normal ones would be the best option

Yeah the source I used mentions AS-30L as ‘light’ but I think it is an error. The one presented in the image looks to be a regular AS-30 and I can’t find any reference to a ‘light’ variant.

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Since i am reaching the point wanted to quickly ask about your guys experience for the mig 29g , r27er or r27et ?

R27ER i tried the other ones but the Radar missles are better

That would be a pretty interesting feature to have in the game.
By the way, it’s nice to finally see someone from the forums in a match.

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yes. yes it is.

likewise :D

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great so its now even more useless then it was on 9.3? or 9.7 before


Personally I prefer the et because they funny. Something about slapping a completely unaware opponent from 20km does it for me.

I wish they would model this and for example Shtora, Varta (ukrainian name to Shtora, if T-84 gets into the game) and Shtora version on some M84 right, these shine the whole map up and give away your position more.
Just like playing Tarkov and your enemy is running flashlights build while you use NVG but its not as painful to look at.


@Smin1080p @Stona_WT how is it not a bug?

  1. The overmatch mechanic doesn’t apply here because APFSDS is subcaliber right?

  2. The exact same armor with the exact same thickness on the Strv 122s already does ricochet APFSDS because it’s not modeled as volumetric as of now

  3. The addon armor makes the protection worse because the base armor can reliably ricochet APFSDS while the addon armor actually allows penetration in that spot which makes no sense


Bruh how is “not a bug” even possible, it’s literally the exact same UFP armour but somehow acts completely opposite of the strv122.

Gaijin cherry-picking what is and isn’t a bug, what else is new…