Lets Talk About The Object 279 Issue. Currently 5.8+ KDR on Average

thats the excuse every russian main says " MUH REVERSE SPEED "

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Lvkv 9040C shares 10.0 trading APFSDS for a search radar.
According to you, Swedish tanks also don’t get “their BR fixed”.

Reverse speed shouldn’t even be considered. That is a feature intentionally designed into their tanks.

You should tell that to a majority of this games player base. I’ve been told over the last 5 + years that thats why russian tanks are Lower BR’s They literally continue to say this every single time anyone brings up an issue with the over tiering of numerous Nato and ESP British/ American tanks.

I mean… how else are they going to explain having tanks at lower BRs than they should be. They have to use some lame excuse. Meanwhile the rest of us are told “just flank” despite russian tanks being faster. And “learn to aim” despite russian tanks getting rounds with 25%-50% better pen at the same BR and auto loaders that cannot be damaged.

And no russian player can explain to me why they get the darts at T1 mod and LRF at T2 mods when all my tanks require that to be T4… How is that balance?

It is truly stupid.


Reverse speed is almost never a factor in BRs.
Otherwise T-72B3 would be 11.0 instead of 11.3 as an example.
Sometimes they can be a reason, such as with some Panthers.

“Detonation prob” in code appears to refer to the probability of the vehicle in question to catastrophically explode after death due to ammo cook off (like when you blast a panther and the only thing left is a crater) and not the probability of ammo itself exploding. Those values are stored server-side or elsewhere in client data under a different name.

A friend and I did some testing and 0.15 Detonation prob generally adheres to the chance a vehicle will be reduced to a crater.