Let's talk about the F/A-22 Raptor

Specialized US Military Units That Lead the Way Into Combat
BR 13.0?

Gripen C when it gets ARH will probably end up at 13.0 (maybe even 13.3)

Prototype Typhoons, not too mention full typhoons will be 13.0-13.3+ range. Along with things like early Rafale, F-18Cs, F-15Cs, etc

Think more like 14.0 - 15.0+ for the F-22. IF they add any stealth aircraft at all.

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I would love to see it but I don’t think the game is ready for it, I also don’t the think it’ll sit at 13.0

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I agree, i think the F-35 Lighting ii should come first to then the F-22

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Maybe who knows. Still probably won’t happen for a long while

F-117 would need to come before any true 5th gen


F-117 is purely a strike aircraft and a poor one at that. Only two internal hard points and it’s slow.

AFAIK the A-22 designation is ahistorical…
its a pure bred air superiority stealth fighter so its only F-22


yeah its probably 15.0 material

F-35 is probably better than F-22 because of armament options.
also has a much better avionics suite

true but it’s basically the perfect aircraft to introduce stealth and not break the match maker/game.


If it ever comes → BR 16.7/17.0

bruh, no just no.

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BR 14.0 but yes I would love to see it.

Maybe my favorite jet besides the F-14 and F-18(just some sexy looking jets)

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Well as far as i know that situation is about to change.

USA itself already upgrading their F-22 fleet to F-35’s level when it comes to avionics and best part about is it will finally have HMD.

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HMD im sure they can implement but they wont upgrade to F-35 level.
its simply not feasible and neither is it what they want.
air superiority to true multirole conversions to the level of F-35 with situational awareness and sensor fusion would require such a structural change that the f-22 may as well put the rag in for good


Situational awareness and sensor fusion is essential on F-35 due to lack of flight performance and the amount of ordinance it can carry on the other hand F-22 can effectively protect itself without those sensors due to design philosophy.

What we know so far is that F-22’s will recieve radar and other avoionic upgrades to match F-35’s capabilites to some point, what we dont know is what kind upgrade will exactly be.

this is wrong.
Sensor fusion on the F-35 is for weapons capability/utility and battlefield information networking.
The F-35 wasnt given the F-22 manoeuvrability because it doesnt require it anymore.
The F-22 would have to rely on the eyeball mk.1 for anything that is outside its radar scan sectors while the F-35 pilot can ‘see thru’ the aircraft and use other F-35 aircraft radars as well to enhance awareness. something the F-22 would require a dedicated AWACS aircraft for.
Fact is… the F-22 is an old bird.
its retiring. the USAF is just giving it some final juice in order to keep its flagship crown fighter alive until NGAD rolls out

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Plus survivability.

Something other jets can also do but doesnt mean it will always have the edge tho its an amazing ability no doubt.

Well considering its a late 90’s design its quite normal isnt it? But still its quite deadly aircraft and the best Air superiorty jet that is still flying.

Thats the thing, we dont know when NGAD will roll out and apperently USA itself wasnt expecting to be this late considering they were suppose to retiring F-22’s already. I believe project takes longer time then anticipated and they realized upgrading F-22’s and keeping them will be much better option until NGAD comes out with its full potantiel.


you ll know that the F-22 has a radar return the size of a marble right? No radar would work on it and it can turn 11gs while maintaining its thrust right? No I.R Missile can lock on to it. It would be like fighting a ghost that can see you and launch missiles at you from 300 km away.