Let's talk about bots in Naval (AI controlled vessels added by game to battle)

No, not the player bots that shouldn’t be there, the AI bots (intentional) that Gaijin put there.
If you want the short version of the topic it’s this :

How many times, I’ve lost count where matches my team should have won were lost because: Red bots stealing capture zones, Invincible god mode bots with perfect aim one shotting you before you capture a domination zone, OR shooting you down from across the map. OR stealing your kill to convert it into an “assist”, OR … etc etc you get the point.

HUMANS should win the game —> NOT BOTS


Basically this. Thoughts ?

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At the start of naval (one tree, no blue/coast split trees) the modes were heavily populated but as interest waned bots were eventually added.

This was to combat the lack of overall retention of players as the original groups would have moved on to later tiers/BRs leaving starter areas dead.

I played naval (AB) for the first year and wished I hadn’t as it developed into something else and when venturing to RB the bots had kicked in and wait times increased. You will never get bot AI correct as they aren’t human!

It happened so early in the naval modes it shows it is only for the most hardcore naval fans as otherwise there isn’t a population to support all BRs like there is with Ground and Air currently (modes and servers will vary).

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Huh? the bots are pretty useless and easy fodder

I’m impressed that it took slightly longer than the standard egg timer setting for an old guard PC Mouseketeer to chime in on how easy something is ( because he is so awesome and console players quit whining and git gud) but prolly because it went unnoticed 8( … However, If you claim to have never had an AI kill steal in naval, never been majikally shot down from across the map by the AI, or lost a match to AI occupying a domination zone at the last minute then my first instinct is to just call bull-pucky. The argument is that Humans should be playing and winning, this isn’t supposed to be WoW PVE (yeah that other game that is complete trash)

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Yup because you are just so awesome. 🫤🙄 I’m sure entire rooms become hushed and mesmerized when you begin to talk about yourself … 😖

Why thank you - appreciate the recognition 😘

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Well put Piano, let’s talk about something far more meaningful, substantial, richly edifying, exciting and classy than the mere trivial game minutiae found on this forum, lets talk about YOU. 🫤😑

You’ve already been doing that in your last several posts here.

and who could ever get enough of that … Ok you win by attrition, I give up 💀

Ain’t no-one making you post anything in particular, nor stopping you from posting anything you want… except you.

I have a headache

Those dumb bots are nice training for my Pe-8 honestly, It’s a frag every 45 seconds

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That I find interesting, unless you are doing it from altitude because the bots seem to be able to shoot me down effortlessly below 8000 feet.

Yeah, I’m more used to get them at 13-15kft

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If your team failed to protect cap point from a single omaha cruiser moving in straight line that is entirely on you all.

Unless you are on 10% and going in straight line that is not gonna happen. Those bots update the lead very slowly so any effort from you and you wont get shot.

Lmao, right

It was said 1000 times, you get SL amount proportional to dmg dealt (and other factors), the “kill” gives you only small additional reward.

Tl:dr if you are losing to passive bots, it is you problem

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Your entire post is absolute hand waving garbage. 10% of what? Update what? Who said what 1000 times ? Cruiser, what cruiser ?? Where did this mythical ship appear in the topic ??? Your information is based on … ? Right, nothing. Just lots of make believe posturing with no real citation, pretending that using a (" ") quote forum reference is a sole basis for proof, which it obviously isn’t. This is coupled with the usual personal attacks on skill for which you have no basis. Also your education and grammar is so obviously poor it sounds like a 12 year olds illiterate attempt at trolling on Steam. Your argument is childish, your logic is banal idiocy, and your proof is non-existent. I was really hoping this topic would generate actual debate and discussion instead of the tedious low-brow immature garbage found on Reddit. How sad. 😑

CoffeeBean your answer confirms much of what I have suspected having played naval from day one. I appreciate that the number of naval players is far less than the other disciplines. Perhaps it is so that bots are a necessary evil as a filler, my only question was should their ability to decide a match be curtailed or constrained. But thank you for your thoughtful and insightful post.