Let's make the numbers more intuitive!

While most numbers displayed in War Thunder are merely statistics, certain values that matter to the gameplay seem rather unintuitive at best. The ones that I’m specifically referring to that prompted this post are requirements for camo unlocks and the mission score multipliers for events, although I’m opening the discussion to any other numbers people feel is needlessly convoluted.

To start off with the less annoying of the two, Camo unlocks. In the example I’ve given, it is listed as a reward out of 200, but it score is given in the increment of 5 per kill (this applies to all skins as far as I’m aware). If it’s as straightforward as that with no variation of obtaining different scores possible, why then is it not out of 40 with one point per enemy destruction? Is there any use in inflating the value up to 200? In the example’s case, it’d be a straightforward 17/40, easy to understand without doing some basic math to see how many more kills you need?

And then on the other hand of math, we got the bonus that comes with event score calculations. Why does the rank multiplier have to start with cutting into your achieved mission score? I understand the incentive is to force people away from lower ranks to avoid seal clubbing to get the required mission score, but then further increase the reward payout at higher ranks goodness knows we need it given the mission score requirements Gaijin is asking of us, but that’s a rant for another post. And then the increment is set in rather unintuitive values. 0.8? 0.93? Why can’t it just be 1.25, 1.5, etc.? Not only is that more rewarding, it’s also a calculatable value should you want to.


Guess what … one year ago the progression for the camo was counted by kills. Don’t know why this has been changed.

To make more precise Multipliers it seems. IIRC for ground it used to be AB (x1), RB (x2) and SB (x2), and air was AB (x1), RB (x2) and SB (x5).

This was a bit unfair as it states that for ground a single RB kill is worth 2 AB kills. And i think an RB kill being the equivalent of about 1 1/3 AB kills is much more reasonable. Ground SB being 1 4/5 AB kills, seems a bit silly, it should be more like 1 1/2.
I know the numbers aren’t quite right since AB has the 0.93 multiplier. I cannot check right now, but my guess is that the Air AB multiplier is still 1, so they are saying an AB ground kill is worth slightly less than an AB air kill, which i would disagree with.

Don’t know the numbers for Air and naval, would be interesting to see.

So IMHO more increments make sense here by them selves. However the weighting seems off. I also don’t think the general Tier bonusses make sense. Since in some ways hight tier is a lot easier than low tier.


Yeah, I’m aware that the game changed how camo was gained a year back or something but I’m not quite sure how it was changed, just that I randomly was given a lot of camo one day, which I assume means that they reduced the requirement, which is a good thing. But what I don’t get is why are they counting by 5s when they can just make it straightforward by 1 kill = 1 point and depreciate the total accordingly.

Am I going too far out on a limb if I say that it might serve to unlock more camo with GE because it is more ‘ non-transparent’ for the ‘normal’ player?

I found the multipliers in this thread as they seem identical to the event multipliers.

I was right, air AB is just x1. So gaijin values Ground AB kills slightly less than Air AB. Considering how quick and easy air AB kills happen this is odd in my opinion, a kill in a tank should be worth more in AB.

But it gets even weirder.

RB for tanks and planes seems fine it is about equal.

But sim? Air being less than double than ground? Ground SB is just RB with a slightly different view, while the switch to Air SB puts you into an entirely different genre of game… It should at least triple the ground value. SB should triple air RB as well.

Who came up with these numbers?


Unlikely, it’s far more likely designed to give a weight to the different kills, air ab has far more enemies flying around so you get kills quicker and easier.

It is very likely just gaijins Interpretation of how much you have to work for a kill in each mode.

Air sim and ground arcade just baffle me.
Ground sim isn’t the easiest and fastest mode to get a kill that’s air AB. And Air sim, while being top dog, isn’t done justice here at all.

I think you can tell that my faith in the slightly capitalistic orientation of the games industry has taken a slight hit over the years ^^