Let's discuss top tier 'Friendly' kills

Ok here it is : Wither it be deliberate griefing, or accidental, FF missile kills just suck and add zero value to the game. Forget realism, if you want some hand waving to satisfy your itch for OCD nit-picking, then just say everyone at top tier missile packing BR (>9.3) gets Friend-Or-Foe recognition and remove it altogether. I’m dying to see who, besides punk griefers, can defend this stupid friendly fire mechanic. Doesn’t Gaijin have something better to do than investigating Team kill complaints that can just be avoided completely? Anyway … Thoughts?

It does add value. It’s called weapons discipline. Same reason why gun and bomb friendly fire is in game, to keep random firing at teammates that are nearby enemies. Don’t fire an IR missile if you have a chance that a teammate may be locked by the missile instead. It makes complete sense because IR missiles don’t know who is friendly or not, just that things are hot and it is designed to make hot things go boom.


That’s complete garbage

Says you…
You can disagree or dislike the reasoning, but it does add value to the game regardless of how you feel or not. It would be nice to see in ground/naval but people couldn’t be mature about it.

Side note: Planes with more advanced radars at 10.7 and above have IFF already. Means nothing to IR missiles because friendly hot isn’t any different from enemy hot.

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Even if you exercise peak trigger and missile discipline, shit can still happen. Ideally, you should be maintaining enough awareness to not frag an ally through negligence.

I’ve had Sparrows completely ignore the target they were locked onto and tag friendlies that were nowhere near the missile or locked target. Just gotta take the L on SL when it does happen.

Anyways, watch your immediate environment before you fire off guns or missiles if friendlies are nearby. Those TK penalties aren’t cheap.

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I can imagine it now. They remove friendly fire and most matches will be a lemming train were now, in addition to the standard train, 80% of my team has now fired most, if not all, of their missiles because there is zero down side.

At least lemming trains now tend to limit missile spam due to the risk of shoting down a friendly. Remove that and now they are firing everything they have because it doesnt matter what is in front of them.

Most people who defend friendly fire defend it because it helps to limit the acrade portion of the game. Look at the before and after in ground rb.

Now, people just hard blind fire because they dont have to worry about hitting a friendly. Before, players had to take an extra second to assess if their firing line was clear.

It’s called weapons discipline.

Quite often it can also be a dead missile reacquiring that greedy ally who dived in to steal your kill.

Yea, weapons dicipline. If a friendly is nearby, close enough to occupy space around your target, then don’t fire a high G uncaged seeker IR missile because it could result in a friendly kill.

I agree that it shouldn’t be removed but the radar and visual checks aren’t always that reliable (especially depending on the aircraft you’re in).

it’s been a while since I’ve had an incident myself but just about every time I play top tier I get killed by at least one friendly.

I basically hold my fire until I can be sure I’m targeting what I want to target and that the target I’m looking at is an enemy - in VR this can be quite hard since it seems to be random when I get to actually see my enemy (with my eyes).

We need AWAX support in top tier (not that it would help much with everyone hugging the mountains)

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It’s hard to make visual checks in Air RB with the markers? I could see where visual confirmation in Sim is harder, but not RB. Also, in Air RB you see your allies and can check their location against your radar returns, so that shouldn’t really be a problem either. I don’t see the battlefield being large enough to require AWACS, especially in RB with the combination of radar use and spotting mechanics.

I didn’t see the RB tag, no I just fly SB. My bad.

Oh, ok. I was just a bit confused. I would agree that Sim is alot different. I couldn’t visually ID anything unless I was on top of it. I know the IFF there has its own issues too.