Lesser and lesser points in SIM EC

Hello guys.

I’ve just noticed the lack points after your first few kills.

You get 600 total. 450 for the kill and 150 for critical dmg.

In the game I was playing I had 10 kills, which should equal 4500 + 1500 = 6000

But I only had around 4200, maybe lower.

I’ll try to find the game and take a screenshot, I played alot yesterday.

Have anyone else noticed this? Or am I just going crazy?

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450 is for planes of equal or greater br.
For lower br planes, you get less

I dont remember killing anything below br 12.0.

But that might be the case

Here, 2 kills on 12.0 planes. I dont get points for critical dmg for some reason? goofy gaijin

Yes, that happens sometimes since longtime ago, you kill them but without critical, I don’t know what is considered a critical, sometimes you get crit and they fly perfect, other times you kill them but no crit.

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Not sure it matters much anymore. RP/SL reward for a vehicle used to be ‘points gained multiplied by time in vehicle’ (adjusted by vehicle multipliers) and that’s still the case in other modes. While points might have some relationship to Gaijin’s ‘useful actions,’ points won’t be capped when useful actions are.

It is bizarre that shooting down an aircraft is worth more if you did critical damage first…. Surely you did something critical if the enemy ended up crashing?

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Yes, MANY points are normally only usefull for events, out of that, the rewards get capped :(

I see the latest event requires points for progress towards crates etc. One thing that definitely does not gain you any points is putting a torpedo (bomb/rocket) into a ship. You might kill most/many of the crew, leave the ship on fire and dead in the water, but ‘no points for you, bad player’ unless you actually sink it. Of course, on most maps the AA will simply delete you well before you can release any bomb or torpedo.

Here is another example… He has 32 kills. But the points doesn’t match at all…

Air Sim EC needs a complete rework to be actually enjoyable

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