Leopards and T-90M with spallliner take 0 damage to the side

What is going on now? I play top tier USA and it feels so bad and unfair to play Vs spallined tanks running everywhere. My M829A2 feels like made out of plastic and do 0 damage and spall even to the tank SIDE armour. Damage is so inconsistent to the point I don’t feel confident playing vs this tanks anymore. Is something planned to do to GER/SWE just rolling over the battlefield and taking hits for 0?

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Somehow i have diffrent feeling with t-90m and the spall liner on sides does completley nothing and it insta dies

I have not had issues dealing with Spall Liners. You just have to aim more carefully. Top tier should not be as simple as Point and Click.

I don’t understand why people are complaining about tanks taking more than a single hit to knock out. This is how it was for most of the game up until 9.3+

People constantly say things like “it’s the difference between life and death” and to that I say, use your brain more. Something at top tier needs to change. It’s a cancerous mess with horrible gameplay flow. Slowing down top tier would actually be a GOOD thing.

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How can you not experience tanks take hit for like 0 spall and damage. How it is even fair that I have to aim carefully to Leopard 2 or T-90M when I am easy to one hit dinner in the other hand


I literally play Merkava tanks most of the time.

Just aim better. The game shouldn’t be dumbed down because you bought a top tier premium OR refuse to learn.

The T-90M is extremely fragile anyway. The normal shots you put into them work just fine. The only difficult one is the Leopard and STRV series. Even then, they’re still an easy kill. It only takes two well placed darts.

I did not bought a top tier premium, I am 100lv player and saw first T-64A being added to the game, and gameplay was never this unfair on top tier. Now we have tanks that have magical shields that protect them, need just 3 or 4 shots well placed shots from the front to kill for just one leopard when there are many on the map and my Abrams is as easy to one hit kill as BMP-2M


If you are not regularly defeating Russian tanks in one to two hits, it is because you aimed your shot poorly.

Yes, Russian Tanks are overperforming.

So, how do you bring NATO tanks up in durability without artificially buffing their armor protection?

A Spall Liner.

Why do you get to pick and choose how realistic the game models tanks?

Should we remove the Tiger’s AP shell just because it’s killing everything at 5.7?

Yes, the Abrams is disappointing, but Spall Liners have nothing to do with that. Even if you got the Spall Liner that was never even used, it would weigh you down by TWO entire tons more AND wouldn’t help against your Turret Ring issue.

Stop pointing fingers randomly to excuse your anger. You did not lose a fight because the “T-90 has an OP spall Liner”, you lost it because you rounded the corner without thinking or horrible aligned a shot against its plate.

When Patch rolled out, I literally dropped a Nuke in my Merkava tank because T-90M players are easy targets when you don’t rely on Fictional Spalling.

You want this and that to be realistic, but the moment something inconvenient gets modeled somewhat properly, you throw a fit.

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Ofc, it’s still the game that need to be balanced to be “fun” for both side. War Thunder now clearly isn’t and you’ll never get my point because “T-90” is just easy to kill. Saw it multiple times just eating shells for 0, still driving and killing other fellas. Same story with 122B and A + newly added leo2a7. I can give you a replay from just my battle in LEO2a6, i took like 20 shots from 2 tanks shooting at me and heli need to kill me in a final blow. I ve never experienced that in my Abrams per 120 battles counted in SEPv1.

Of course not but Tiger is also easily penetrated everywhere with almost every cannon at his BR.

Try to aim at a T-80BVM pixel weakspots when he is driving 60kph and just wiggling left to right, best deal is to aim at sprocket but how many times this thing eat it up for 0 damage is insane.

Of course. I feel more confident in LAV AD that i ll score a simple kill than in Abrams.

Maybe, I just feel worse than before update in my tanks I like personally. I d prefer to fight One or two OP tanks but not entire enemy team.

So give it to every tank, and adjust BR if the tank has not any. It just a game that need to be balanced.

mentioned replay


I am plenty capable of hitting such weakpoints. I am not saying that Russian tanks aren’t strong, it’s just that the T-90M is not a top contender. With its miserable 7.1 second reload and 4km/h reverse speed, it has no flexibility. If you want to truly fix the issue with your Abrams, there are a few other ways to go about it. Here’s a list of 6 things to prove my point.

  1. Put in a Bug Report for the Abrams Turbine being excessively loud. It’s excessively loud compared to the T-80.

  2. Request a Spall Reduction on the 50mm Turret Ring. This will lower your chance of being one shotted without a spall liner.

  3. Request a Flak Jacket upgrade for the Crew. Since documentation states that the Abrams was not outfitted with a Spall Liner, they chose to provide Flak Jackets to the crew. This will essentially make your crew more durable against Spall.

  4. Convince Gaijin to add the A3 Dart. While not effective against Relict, it will certainly help against T-80U and lower vehicles using ERA with KE protection such as Contakt-5.

  5. Request the ability to take off the SEPv2 ERA package. It makes the tank excessively heavy, and the ERA does nothing now that stock AP is present at rank 8.

  6. Request modeling of the Turret Ring since it will act as a pseudo spall liner.

If these changes are made, your Abrams would see a jump in effectiveness compared to where it sits without needing a likely fictional Spall Liner. It will become quieter, faster, and will have a quicker reload than its contemporaries for dealing with those pesky Spall Liners you dislike.

All of this just got reported and I have no business just to duplicate stuff. Its on snails hands for quite some time.

Then vote in favor of them on their Bug Report Page. You’re punching air here by just complaining.

If you want your DU hull for the SEPv2, I’d also suggest putting in a request for either a modification like the T-80B thermals or a folded Sepv2 DU prototype. As much as everyone keeps screaming, there was likely not DU added to the hull of the SEPv2 since it was made specifically for fighting RPG type warheads. DU on the front plate would be costly and unnecessary since the Soviet Union collapsed at the time.

He’s absolutely right tho.
War thunder became unfair to better players with constant kinetic shells nerfs. Now fuel tanks eat APFSDS, ammo racks eat APFSDS, crew eats APFSDS, sometimes shells just disappear or ricochet off of 10mm aluminum armor. I feel like Gaijin just does not want us to oneshot vehicles. However after hitting side of leopard or T-tank I get oneshoted in return. How is that fair? Add HP bar and damage in numbers then.


Here comes poor placed shot to T-90M :

How I am supposed to do more in that case ? J out before I even see enemy ? I took his gunner only and he just went forward. I took Leo2A5 and he eat up my another shell with xd


Basically it was stated that APFSDS should produce spall but less but still it should. In my case only pencil went through spalliner, basically saying "I don’t see you " to commander and ammo in between

Lower your shot by a slight bit. The Spall Liner only stops spall. Not the dart.

If you would have hit slightly lower, he would have died from ammo detonation.

As someone who grinded Britain after Germany, you get used to horrible spalling.

I am well aware of how buggy the game is. I’m not saying it’s flawless, but Spall Liners are not bad. If you want Russian tanks to stop dominating at top tier, you need to give Western Equipment a reason to be 20 tons heavier. Spall Liners are a part of that weight. Spall Liners will come to more vehicles over time.

Dart rounds shouldn’t be eaten by fuel. Ammo Racks should not have a chance of exploding when struck like they currently do. Crew shouldn’t eat APFSDS rounds. Shells shouldn’t ricochet off of thin plates.

These are all things that need fixed. I’ve had my fair share of frustration, but Spall Liners just simply make you aim more carefully, which I believe is how the game should be. You shouldn’t be allowed to run around with your head cut off. The game needs to change. Top tier is especially horrible, and something needs to change. I believe the addition of Spall Liners to be a good step forward, but it will take time for every tank which uses them to receive them.

Meanwhile Abrams

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Spall liners do not stop the round from penetrating, they reduce the cone of spall.

Aim for crew members and you will hit them.

Abrams has Flak Vests, not a Spall Liner. Ask for Gaijin to give you that.

I gave up on Abrams, its ultra heavy light tank at this moment and untill turret ring is not fixed IT wont change.
The thing is any shot at the ring will either criple you with killing 2 crew members and breach and/or set your ammo on fire, so at this point you can J out.

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