Leopards and strv with spall liners are OP

I think its time to remove those spall liners at least from hull sides for all leopards and strv, they are close to impossible to incapacitate with 1 hit and they have all the time to turn and oneshot you
Adding such a thing to already survivable tanks is a terrible error, top tier is completely unplayble now all the games end with them in your spawn in the first 2 minutes because you can’t destroy them reliably


You’re missing to demand that they are also removed from other tanks…like the T-90M or the chinese ones.


The only time they should be removed is if the are ALL removed from ALL nations


Another salty russian main propably.
You know you could just write in the already exisiting thread. No reason to start another one.
But noooo people are to lazy to look if the topic already exists


t90 and chinese tanks can still be oneshotted they are so cramped, leopards were already survivable before this update now is too extreme


Leopards literaly werent surviveable, that were the Strv122 only


What ammo do you use?

I can’t one shot most of them because I’m still using the DM33 and trying to pen them from the front is almost impossible.
The DM53 a lot better, but so is the 3BM60.

See!? see!? this is what i expected he want to remove spall liner from Strv and Leopard but keep for T-90M lol what a double standard.


“remove from sides” and there is a good reason too to do that, a leopard i not gong to survive 2 125mm ap shells from sides in fighting compartment you can bet your house about that

And real world examples have shown us that russian tanks don’t survive hits into the ammo carousel underneath the turret…yet here we are, ammo going black and disappearing, but not exploding.


If one loses it they all lose it, Sorry but spall liners are too strong to be left unbalanced


You just need to shot one HE shell in the cupola that has the lmg and send them direct to the hangar

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This is a common problem of all nations but on russian ones you notice it more because ammo always explode with each hit

Doesn’t the Leopard still have a joke of an armor layout from the 90s

I Love how t90 and leo drivers throw “your tank is more op than mine” at eachother while ariete and chally players are happy when they get a game with a single kill and that’s considered fine state of the game xddd

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Jesus what are you talking about? Sure take the spall liners off them and put them on Russian tanks, right now the Russian tanks make the top tier unplayable!

not quite right. We leo players say that they confuse is with the Strv122. The german ones arent as much of a menace as those. Those are the real problem

yeah sure, remove the non existing spall liners from the chinese tanks

Either way the wont remove anything, pretty useless article to be honest [Development] Detailed information surrounding Spall Liners in War Thunder - News - War Thunder

No. The only reason they are currently “OP” is because of Gaijin’s haphazard implementation. All Rank VIII vehicles need spall liners modeled.

Spall liners are a necessary feature to slow down top tier gameplay so it isn’t CoD. If you want to play speed racer with one shots play Ground Arcade Battles.

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