Leopard I vs 8.0 tanks AND Ho-ri production

Hi guys! I’m a newbie war thunder player! I am playing the germany nation and I’ve reached 8.0 because of the Leopard I, so what shells can I use to kill russians tank at 8.0 such as T-55 or T-54 I also want tips on LeopardI playstyles and the weakness of russian tanks 8.0!

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When using APDS, try to aim to more flat areas of tanks, especially sides and the like.
Focus a lot on the LFP (lower front plate)
When using HEATFS, try to aim to NON composite or era covered areas, and youll be fine mostly.
stick to range, if needed, use your speed to flank but always take unfamiliar routes, you stay on your toes this way… more aware

Should I use HESH? I always try shooting HESH at T-55 and sometime it works very well and might one tap

You can use either HEATFS or APDS to kill T-54s, T-55As or T-62s. Shoot at the driver, most shots will kill the gunner and commander too.

HEATFS can be countered by ERA (like Blazer) or composite, so…APDS tend to be the most reliable choice for most battles.

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HESH has unpredictable behavior, only use it to overpressure light tanks or the roof of MBTs

Okay! thank you

Hesh is very situational, if u want to, try it with the turret top or with light vehicles. but not much else

So I just stick to HEATFS and APDS mostly?


alrightt gettin it wooo

By the way,I keep hearing my friends talking about german as goes up, it get badder and badder

is that correct?

Considering the best MBTs in the game, by a far margin, are the German 2A7V and Swedish 122B+, I wouldn’t say so.

Germany gets 1 OP MBT and 4 average ones; the rest of the lineup isn’t exactly that good anymore.

Flakbus? ItO90M is better.
PUMA? Lmao at 11.7
EC665? Outclassed by the AH-60, A129 and the french version

Germany outside of the Leopard 2s is quite meh.

Isn’t abrum the best MBT in the game?

Oh alright.

I mean, it’s a “good tech tree”, but very limited in terms of variety after the WW2 (>6.7).

You’ve prioritised your upgrades really poorly here btw. NVD is useless here and crew replenishment isn’t a massive priority. You should be looking for gun handling, ammo and speed first. Gun elevation for example over NVD.

Also for penning T-54/55’s the base APDS will go through all of them like butter apart from the 1947 and AM variants.

I recommend taking primarily APDS, it has decent penetration and fairly consistent damage. For targets you can’t penetrate, take some HEAT-FS. Note that you may face some tanks, notably the T-55AM and AMD, that will be a little more difficult, but they still have their weakspots.

Oh I see! I’m a new player so I don’t know how to invest in some good upgrades, I will consider this in the future!

Oh yes those, I saw these one and I’m clueless about where to shoot! can you let me know the weak spots? espesly the T-55AM because those tanks keep running at me, the AMD one are snipers one so I alway ran from them considering I’m not a good aimer