Leopard A1A1 is 9.0 but the T-55AM-1 and the T-55AMD-1 are 8.7

Sweet Gaijin


Leopard 1 > T-54s
Leopard A1A1 > T-55s


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Leopard A1A1 is an insanely fast vehicle (+25km/h reverse) with better shells than T55 and a better turret with ~50% faster rotation and 9 degree depression compared to the soviet standard 5. It is definitely a better vehicle overall


And the TAM is also 8.7, what’s your point?


Comparing the TAM to an MBT is even more impressive, honestly.

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65 KM/H “Insanely Fast”

Honestly you can’t make this up.


Mobility, depression, stabiliser speeds, reload speeds. All significant advantages the Leopard has over the T-55’s.

And then there’s the ammunition advantage, Leopard has long rod DM23, while the T-55’s are stuck with only short rod 3BM25.

The tradeoff for the T-55’s is the laser rangefinder, and a limited APS for the AMD. But overall, the Leopard is better.

edit, oh yeah, forgot the huge difference in optic zoom as well.


With it’s acceleration yeah the leopard’s engine really does get the tank moving even if it isn’t the fastest of it’s kind, just compare it to M60s, Chieftains, T62s… Well sure it isn’t as good as the cursed gun trucks at the BR but that’s a general issue with them, Rooikat MTTD is 9.0 with autoloader and thermals (incredibly balanced)

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Overall the performance in game makes your facts irrelevant as the only determining factor to a successful tank is the value of its full lineup.

All of these benefits are available on other tanks with even better speeds.

The distinction between APFSDS rounds is comically ignorant of the in game performance differences.

The lack of a laser range finder and thermals yet being placed at 9.0 is a gross and blatant example of bias

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The engine is why it should be 8.7 every other feature of the tank is worse performing than similar tanks at 9.0

Ask for those to go up then.

And yet you’re ignoring the massive ingame performance differences between short and long rod APFSDS.

A lot of tanks don’t have thermals at 9.0, the Leopard isn’t special like that. Its not bias, its simply a 9.0 performing tank, even without thermals or a lrf.

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iGnOrAnT oF ReAlLiTy

Maybe you meant yourself? the T-55s is only better than the Leopard A1A1 maybe in Arcade, if you played RB there is no way you say the T-55 deserved 9.0, no gun depression (can’t peek over the hill), shit sight zoom, shit reverse speed, shit apfsds compare to Leopard A1A1


Léopard A1A1 L/44 is also at 9.0 while the AMX 32 120 is at 9.3 they’re totally equivalent and there is no problem to for most German player

There is a lot more differences between the t-55AM and the Leos A1A1 so I don’t see so much problem to have 0.3 of difference in the BR

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Leopard A1A1 has DM23, a high-penning round that 100mm Soviet guns don’t have an equal to.
T-55’s APFSDS round pens 154mm less than DM23 at 2km 60 degrees.
Granted, they’re lolpenning Leopards, but Leopards are lolpenning them back. All the while Leopard A1A1 is faster.

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If you actually played the game you would recognize how tilted matches are against Soviet vehicles and recognize the disparity between the tanks in question

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There is a lot of differences. Which is why it’s surprising the vehicle which performs better in combat is at a lower BR.

You legitimately just said 2 kilometers as an actual engagement range for tanks.

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The Leopard is better in every way except armour

Yes that is incorrect.