Leopard 2A7V discussion & bugs

We don’t care about the firepower.
How WIP the dev server is was seen on the Puma and PSO which are still (almost) entirely unchanged unfortunately

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the thing is blue… no way its final. and as TrickZZter stated : Not a bug. Armor of 2A7 is not final, there is no point in comparing it to the other tanks.

its Dev-Server and it 100% will change.


it isnt working that way
If no one noticed, they wont change anything
But now they at least have to show some kind of work)

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The real question is when is DM73

It is fucking blue… do you think they will leave it this way if noone says a word?

I hope so. Thanos tank funny.

Is the A7V using second or third generation thermal imaging in the dev server now?

In the dev stream they mentioned 3rd gen thermals

3rd gen was datamined

Leopard 2A7+ installed AMAP-ADS active defense system,The interception method used by the system is not traditional live ammunition, but directional energy technology. Sensors and interceptors are installed on both sides of the car body. When the enemy‘s anti-tank ammunition approaches about 2 meters The active interception system will work
I think we need an AMAP-ADS active Defence system.


Whole other tank, thats either the 2A7A1 or the VT-ETB II, those most likely will be future additions

Tornado, Puma and PSO give reason for doubt


If spall liners aren’t added for Nato then Germany and Britain should get DM73 to compensate
Not sure on other nations rounds


there is a new issue about DM73 https://community.gaijin.net/issues/p/warthunder/i/6UsXX0qP66Fk

Why are the rear Tail lights removed and not in the working position. It looks strange, not beautiful. Write a bug report on this.




Finally this got acknowledged


It is unfinished
Look its blue

yeah that’s a 2A7A1, their system its much bigger than a trophy but what makes it so great is that it can be mounted on tanks and it has great precision allowing it to even attack artillery shells