Leopard 2A7NO


TYPE: Medium tank



1x 120mm L/55 A1 long version Smooth bore cannon
-Barrel lenght in caliber: L/55
-Ammunition stowage: 42 rounds
-Vertical elevation: -7.4º to +17.4º
-Horizontal traverse: 360º
-Ignition programmable high explosive ammunition
-Fully stabilised

1x 7.62x51mm FN MAG Machine Gun
-Fully stabilized coaxial mitral valve

12x 76 mm Universal grenade launcher systems



Auxiliary telescope FERO Z18
-Magnification 8x.
-Elevation: -15º to +45º
-Glass optics direct view
-Thermal camera ATTICA, 3rd gen.: Recorded wavelength: 3 – 5 µm or 8 – 12 µm
-Laser rangefinder (as desired in P5050 Norway)
-CCD camera
-Gunners Sight sight EMES 15
–Glass optics live view: 12x / 3x
–Thermal camera ATTICA 3rd gen.: Recorded wavelength: 3 – 5 μm or 8 – 12 μm
–Laser distance meter
Battlefield Management System (BMS) with interface to hybrid navigation system with GPS.
SOTAS intercom and external telephone between tank and infantry.
Fully digitized gun alignment system.
Drivers Sight
-Modern day and night cameras for truck drivers with combinable images (front and rear)

Crew: 4
Length (tower straight forward): 10,968 mm
Width: 3774 mm
Height (PERI): 3180 mm
Weight loaded: 64.3 t
Weight empty: 61.5 t
Engine: MTU universal fuel engine drive unit 47,600 ccm, 1,500 hp

Max. speed backwards/forwards: 28 km/h / 60 km/h
Slope forward: 60%
Side slope: 30%
Ditch crossing: 3.0 m
Vertical obstacles: 1.05 m
Wading depth: up to 4.0 m

Tower and chassis cooling systems.
Modular full-coverage protection kit (360° protection against RPG) which has proven effectiveness in combat.
Roof protection with sliding shutters.
Mobile Camouflage System (Visual/IR).
Technical front equipment.
Active Protection System (APS).
Snow/smoke protection system.
Auxiliary power unit: 20 kW electrical power
ABC protection system
Mine protection: Combat-proven anti-mine and IED protection kit

(Tanks in picture are the old 2A4NO)
2A7NO is Specifically designed for Norway and the tests

i do not yet have acess to the specific Norwegian modifications on this tank. but hopefully soon

The Leopard was developed on the basis of experiences from World War 2 and experiences gained in the post-war period. The wagon was developed in the late 1950s/early 60s, the first ones then entered German service in 1965 and have since been Germany’s standard tank. It has also undergone a number of upgrades over the years and has now come in yet another new and improved edition. Leopard 1 has been in use in a number of countries around the world, including Australia and Canada. Today, Leopard 1 is on its way out of the installations of quite a few countries, which has meant that a number of new user countries have also come up, there are countries such as Brazil and Chile.

In the years around 1970, Norway bought 78 medium-heavy Leopard 1 tanks

Due to the CFE agreement that Nato has entered into, various countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium etc, had to significantly reduce the number of tanks. in 1992/1993, however, scrapped earlier models such as the NM166 and others and instead bought cheaper tanks from Germany, which then had to get rid of a number of tanks in order to meet the requirements of the CFE agreement.

92 Leopard 1s, of which 33 were upgraded to Leopard 1A5NO standard, while 59 tanks were retained with a lower standard, which was then designated Leopard 1A1NO.

So in the 1990s Norway had 170 Leopard 1 medium heavy tanks, of which 111 were Leopard 1A5NO Mk.I and 59 of them were Leopard 1A1NO

Around 1992, 92 used Leopard 1 A1A4’s were purchased from Germany, 33 of which were modified to A5 standard. The last 59 wagons were only given a simple modification and preparation at the Trandum technical workshop. The modernization’s were mainly to install laser rangefinders ( NM128 (Simrad LV3) and (these were taken from NM 116). the wagons were designated Leopard 1 A1NO. The Leopard 1 A1NO was replaced by the Leopard 2A4. most of the wagons were chopped, 4 hulls were kept for school wagons, a fully operational wagon and 3 static exhibition wagons went to the FMU (the defense museum)

The development of the Leopard 2 started as early as 1969/1970, and the prototype Leopard 2AV was delivered in 1976. In 1977, Germany ordered 1,800 wagons. Later, 325 more wagons were ordered so that the total number of wagons in Germany was 2125. The Netherlands and Switzerland have also acquired new Leopard 2A4s. Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Poland have acquired used wagons from the Netherlands

In 2001, a contract was signed with the Netherlands for the purchase of 52 used Leopard 2A4s. The first wagons were delivered to Norway in September 2001. Then a further 8 wagons arrived before Christmas 2001. The remaining 42 were delivered during 2002

All the wagons were sent to Romerrike Tekniske Verksted for minor modifications (Norwegian adaptations) such as a new intercom, installation of MMR, new nitrogen-based fire extinguishing system for the engine compartment, 76mm smoke launchers, Norwegian marks and various holders are some of the modifications.

MG-3 machine guns were planned to be used as secondary armament on the vehicles. When it later turned out that large, extensive and expensive modifications were needed on the turret to adapt the MG3, it was decided that the FN MAG machine gun that had been used previously on the carriages should be used. Used FN MAGs from the Netherlands were procured of the infantry version LV-MITR and coaxial version types. The first 2 prototypes were handed over to the users in April 2002. After a trial of the various solutions, the production of the wagons started at RTV and on 31 August 2003 13 wagons were handed over to FIST-H and 2 wagons with driving cabins to KampUKS

Further convensions included the fitting of a stowage box over the complete widht of the rear turret, fitting a GPS antenna and replacing the Dutch Philips radios. One by one The Leopard 2A4NO recieved a new olive-drab overall camouflage. Notable is that during exercises in the wintertime the heavy frontal sideskirts are often replaced by the lighter Leopard 1 side skirts, this reduces damage to the heavier type.

The latest aquired and upgraded Leopard 2A4NO’s are aging, and newer and more modern tanks have long been needed. ecpecially after we donated 8Leopard 2A4NO’s to Ukraine. to assist them in the Russian-Ukraine war.

In Februar 2023 it was announced that Norway, despite an extremely large amount of disagreements and arguments would buy 54 new Leopard 2A7NO tanks with an option for 18 more tanks. The expected delivery time for these is in 2026



Leopard 2A7NO — ImgBB



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Sweden is already leagues above Germany in ground vehicle quality. They are in no need of even better MBT’s as they already have the best MBT’s in-game.

No problem adding these to the Swedish tree, there will be added many more to the german tree :) the tanks are good, but i dont think they are the best

but then, another good reason for why the Norwegian Danish tech tree would be a good option ;)

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It took them almost 3 years to add a single new rank 7 to the german ground tree and its a sidegrade to the 2A5 which is itself worse than all 3 top MBT’s sweden already has. Sweden doesnt need any new MBT’s for a long time and quite frankly dont deserve any new MBT for a long time.

If it was for swedens air based ground attack being lacking, theyd probs be the single best nation in the game by pretty far.

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I wish they also added the Leopard 2A4NO

Well none of them are added yet, but time will show hehe


What is this from?

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Depression and elevation of the cannon

I got to fix the post a bit j see, seems like the codes in tve post had broken at slme point

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Firstly, regarding the suggestion of adding the Leopard 2A7NO, while it’s a desirable addition, its inclusion in the next patch isn’t guaranteed. It’s likely that the developers will focus on enhancing the German tech tree before introducing more Leopard variants to Sweden. While there’s understandable frustration about certain nations receiving less attention in updates, it’s important to maintain perspective.

Gaijin Entertainment needs to prioritize stabilizing gameplay at the top tier before delving into other historical eras. Currently, nations like Russia, the USA, Sweden, Britain and Germany are performing reasonably well, but that doesn’t mean they’re overpowered. Every nation deserves attention, but some might need updates more urgently than others. It’s about finding the right balance to keep the game enjoyable for all players while addressing the most pressing needs first. that has not been the case lately sadly.

In my opinion, expanding the World War II and Cold War era is more important, as it’s where most players are gathered and offers the most fun gameplay, particularly from 3.3 to 9.7. However, as the game progresses beyond this range, transitioning into high-paced urban combat akin to CS:GO, the effectiveness of armour diminishes significantly. Therefore, focusing on refining and expanding the amount of vehicles within the 3.3 to 9.7 bracket should be a priority, as it captures the essence of both historical periods and maintains a balanced and engaging playstyle.

So that’s what I think.

Thats one of the dumbest sentences I’ve ever seen. Sweden has been ahead of Germany in top MBT performance ever since the Strv122 was added, which was added at the same time as the Swedish ground tree.

The swedish top tier MBT’s have only ever been worse than Germany’s back when sweden didnt exist as a nation. There was even a period of time where swedens WORST backup MBT (Finnish 2A6) was Germany’s BEST MBT.

There has NEVER been a period in this games history where sweden has had a ground tree and not been superior to the german ground tree, and at this point, swedens CAS and CAP is also superior.

Also doesnt help Gaijin’s made it a point to mention its one of the game designers favorite nation, which, considering the history of the sweden ground tree, smells an awful lot like they are the benefactors of some not so hidden favoritism…

Sweden has (afaik) never performed poorly at top tier. Pretending sweden needs new stuff like the 2A7NO when they’ve spent the last 4 years (as of tomorrow March 16th) as either the uncontested top nation in top tier ground, or second best only behind Russia is utterly insane and hypocritical.

If thats your opinion, theres not much point in replying to me, nor is there to commenting on this thread quite frankly, unless you dont think sweden should get the 2A7NO, which is definitely not how you made it sound in your first 2 paragraphs.

I changed the post a bit, made the armament part easyer to understand and moved the poll to the bottom and a new picture has been added of the correct tank as the old one were of the 2a4no


Summarised to save space.


I’m interested in modern vehicles. But I don’t like how they are played in war thunder with Barrel to Barrel game-play. And i never said that “Sweden should get the Leopard 2A7” I said that the devs should focus on the nations that are not on par with other nations. Like France, Britain, Israel, etc. I just said that it should be a all-round thing.

You missed the part where i directly mentioned Sweden as one of the nations performing well.

Ill interpret that you didn’t understand or saw a hidden meaning in my post that didn’t exist. What I wrote is what I meant.

Ok but remember I cant control if the Devs favour Sweden. If that is their opinion it will be damn hard to change it.

Its hard not to like Sweden, personally its simply because I was born and raised here. With the innovative and experimental designs makes it hard to not get fascinated by it. Now im not claiming that other nations wasn’t innovative christ germany made the begleitpanzer 57 a fun Light tank. And probably many others.

What sets Sweden apart from others is how different our tank designs was to the rest of the world. Strv 74, Strv 103, Bandkanon, etc, etc.

So hope that clears up your confusion. And lets hope for better equality for all nations.

My god that’s a mess ruining this thread

All because i tried making a comment that Germany will get more leopards soon…

Well yeah, you don’t say!

I’m just wondering what source it was from.

Germany will get more Leopards and Sweden will

This could be one in the future

yea. It wont come right now. Top tier needs to be stabilised before adding more MBTs

Yes other nations need some filling out before these kind of tanks come

At some point every nation going to need a tank with APS and this could be one for Sweden when its needed

(i tought you said what is this form, so yeah xd) Its a long time since i made the post, but i think i got it from a statement by krauss maffei, potentially armyrecognition


Yea this and that CV90 with the hard kill APS

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