Leopard 1 is way too weak at 8.0

Glazing over the APFSDS that has the same performance as DM13, not sure Germany gets to complain about vehicles at 8.3 with the stabilised autoloading coaxial autocannon prototype abomination.

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So what should be done?

You have to use the strengths,

Its FAST, get to positions quickly, the mantlet and turret are surprisingly trolly, with leopards bouncing 120mm APDS.

You arent stabilised but with a good crew you can shoot on the move.

You play it like a light/rat tank

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the actual problem with the leo is this shit BR compression , but there are worse cases like the t95e1 at 8.3 for no reason , he has no stablizer and a worse cannon so its pretty bad too .

I can see the leo at 7.7 but when it gets an full downtier it would be too strong , since its a very powerfull gun against the heavy tanks witch the armor would get melted by his gun .

The armor sucks too so you can even be pen in the front by some ifvs like the bmp 2 etc , but the tank seems alright even tho im not a huge fan of this very passive playstyle .
In my opinion 8.0 germany is pretty weak compared to other nations but the low win rate probaly comes more from the brainrot players then the actual lineup…

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people here arent that smart you should say “weak by spec”
technically it is weak because it’s competitor has something better

Play French 7.7 and 8.3 and you will reconsider your opinion about Germany …

waht? french solid shot at that BR is crazy OP and the auto loader is faster than most tank

Leopard 1 is only weak because of compression. It is a fine tank on its own and would deserve 8.0 if most of its competition weren’t stabilized dart slingers with composite armor / good mobility. It shouldn’t go down to 7.7, though.

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