Leopard 1 is way too weak at 8.0

Leopard 1 is way too weak at 8.0.It has miserable armor compared to other tanks at its br.Dont even get me started on the Swedish era armor, and i find myself dying to bmp rockets most of the time.Even 7.0 tanks can pen the leopard 1, because of this i find it very hard to grind the german tech tree.So therefore i find this game very boring/stressing.Please take action


if you rely on armor with mbts u are playing it wrong


However, leopard 1 suffers a lot in 8.0.

In the end you are playing against 9.0 and 8.7 most games and you are a candy.

The bad thing about this tank is that it works horrible in 8.0 but lower is an abuse…


My little bro had the same issue when he reached the Leopard era. Told him it’s a completely different playstyle than with heavy Tigers and Panthers. Kept dying over and over to the point he rage quits lol Just takes time to learn a new playstyle that no longer have to be so reliant to armor, but more into who sees who first and using its mobility to your advantage.


T-54 at 8.0 is way worse than leopard 1 at 8.0


Leopard has 20hp/tonne, you’re much more mobile than magachs, t-55, centurions.


Just dont expect Leopard 1 to survive rounds like a maus. Also don’t underestimate the bmp’s heat rocket, it can do some serious damage.
Leopard 1 is much better than most medium tanks of that BR.




You do realise that Leo 1 was complete change in how Germans approached tanks?

It is supposed to have weak armor. The reason, why it is so high, is because of its gun and mobility.

If you put it lower in BR it will eat everything for breakfast.

Its funny you mention BMPs rocket, because heat projectiles were exactly the reason, why Germans didn’t bother with armor anymore.


Indeed I don’t rely on its armor but sometimes I find myself in situations where my mobility does not help, on big, open maps, which is most of them my tank lacks in rangefinder and thermals,
So I just find myself sniped by a vidar, sniped by a heli or just too many enemy tanks overpressuring me while my teammates don’t do nothing to help me fight.

Leopard 1 is fine at 8.0 the issue is several 8.7 tanks which have yet to move up in BR such as the T-55AM-1

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Average Germany player coming off the Tigers and Panthers and unaware of how to play a vehicle that isn’t armored to hell


It never ate anything for breakfast, it’s always been a mediocre vehicle at 7.7 and even at 7.3 it was meh, at 8.0 it’s entirely outclassed and doesn’t even hold a positive k/d anymore.


The STB is basically a better leopard with stab. The same with the AMX30 (faster, better armored, no ammorack, and a 20mm coax). Its outclassed by anthing. It will go down in BR in the next Update for sure.

You’re joking right?

The Leopard 1 is stupid good.

Its the fastest MBT by a mile in its BR, 400pen HEAT, 16x zoom. Literally the only downside is it doesnt have a stab.

It doesnt play like any of the previous german tree. Play it like a light tank, flank and engage long range.

It definitely does not need to go down.

Not even close. The STB was a better leopard, but then they nerfed all the things that made it better.

Its also 0.3 higher BR, and always has been. (It was 0.7 higher before they did the BR decompression and the Leopard rightly got raised up because it was criminally undertiered)


It’s not even that fast, definitely nothing special at the BR that it’s at, 400pen HEAT is pointless when both HEATFS and APDS are hot garbage at the moment, 16x zoom is detrimental more than anything and few to no maps at all even accommodate that range.

Paper tank with good mobility and average firepower amongst paper and non paper tanks with similar mobility, better firepower, thermals and stabilizers.


The leopard is played as support tank and sniper which mean you don’t go 1vs1 battle is suicide against T-54 and T-55 tanks. I tested the swedish prem leopard and and is totally out of question in 1vs1 battle against any verhicles with autocannon and 100mm cannon and above.

Have you played other MBTs at that BR? Its absurdly fast.

Try comparing it to like the T95E1 or a Centurion lol.

The zoom helps, its 8-16x. You dont have to use the 16x.

HEATFS is fine. APDS is hit and miss.


Yeah, comparing it to one of the slowest MBTs will make most things look good.
What else is in that BR range?
PTL? AFT? WMA? Lorraine? AMX? MARS? Aubl? R3 T106? Type 87 RCV and P? BMD? XM-1 and 803?

Hardly has exclusive rights to that speed advantage, and a lot of those things have stabilizers, thermals and the likes.


You just compared an MBT having the same speed to a pile of wheeled light tanks/IFVs, most of which are up to 1.0 higher BR than the Leo.

I dont think thats helping your argument.