Leopard 1 is way too weak at 8.0

Yeah and more than half of the team doesn’t require “flank bro” because they are not T-54s.
You also don’t need to flank a tank to get a shot at their turret and hull sides.

Even when the map is just a straight corridor, depending on the range you’ll always run into someone with exposed armor. Unless you can keep enemies in a 20-30° arc in front of you, you’re tank is always going to be vulnerable.



90% of the tanks are easy kills for 100mm AP auto-loaders and the 120mm can just straight up kills T-54s from the front.
Not that the 100mm wouldn’t be able to to do that as well.

at least T-54 withstands shooting from a tiger II

The Leopard 1 wouldn’t get hit by a heavy tank with 10hp/t most of the time.
A M4A3 is a bigger threat, or even a M18.

It’s really more like: The T-54 needs to withstand a hit from a Tiger II H to be viable.

Afterall the T-54 has your regular medium tank mobility advantage but also a much slower turret traverse and gun depression angle.

THAT IS TO FUNNY ,LOL,LOL, LOL . You can’t be serious!!!

Most tanks at 8.0 are similar. Some have their own strengths. The leopard’s is its mobility along with an okay gun. Its just the matchmaker that gives it a hard time.

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Definitely does not suffer, in fact you have so much more speed and the gun is amazing, yes you dont get a laser rangefinder, but it relys more on skill and positioning, the leopard is so manoverable and the heat fs is strong, just all about psoitioning and the optics are amazing for them bigger maps. 8.0 is perfect for it. its everyone else and their logic is the problem alot of people just holding W not playing the strengths of tanks… this is why things get under br’ed due to peoples lack of skill and knowledge… i could help people how to play it.

I would still take the Vickers Mk.1 with a 5s reload and stabilizer over the gun depression and mobility, but I guess you could say that it’s just a preference.

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I bought a talisman for this vehicle through Battlepass so hopefully it’s alright. Haven’t used it yet though.