Lav 6.0

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LAV 6.0 is the upgraded version of the LAV III, It is one of the new faces to the Canadian Armed Forces arsenal.


For LAV III history please check out my LAV III post

In 2009 the Canadian Government decided to upgrade and update their LAV III’s the upgraded version was called the LAV VI or LAV 6.0. This upgrade would improve its survivability against modern threats, IED’s and extend the service life of the LAV’s to 2035.

The cost for these upgrades cost around 1.75$ Billion
LAV 6.0 were first deployed in Latvia during Operation REASSURANCE in 2017.

Differences of the LAV 6.0 to the LAVIII

  • Upgraded add on armour-kits
  • Double V-shaped Hull
  • Better Suspension
  • Better Engine
  • Energy attenuating seating (Blast protection seats)
  • Upgraded Sights
  • Upgraded Technological systems
  • Spall liner
  • Has limited variants compared to the LAV III
  • *A lot of sources state an upgrade to lethality
    *(I cannot find what was upgraded to make it more lethal)


Crew: 3

Mass: Basic weight: 20,638 kg (45,500 lbs) | Combat load (with Add-on-Armour): 28,576 kg (63,000 lbs)

Engine: Caterpillar C9

Top Speed: On road 100 km/h | Off-Road: 40 km/h

Horse Power: 450
Maximum grade: 60%
Side slope: 30%
Ditch cross: 2 m


M242 25-mm Bushmaster cannon (already found in game on the M3 and M3A3 Bradley’s) [500 rounds]

I cannot find the exact ammunition it uses but the LAV II had the same gun, and used armour-piercing sabot and HE-T (NATO Standard))

C9A2 5.56-mm LMG

C6 7.62-mm coaxial MMG


2 - 76-mm 4-barrel smoke grenade launchers [8 smoke grenade reload stowed inside]

Has a heat-absorbing filter to protect against thermals and IR

Driver, Commander, and Gunner Daytime Optical TIS (Thermal Imaging System) and Generation III Image Intensification (II) (Night Vision)

Independent Hydropneumatic suspension for each wheel

LWS (Laser Warning System)

Quiet APU (Auxiliary Power unit) for Silent watch

Laser Range Finder

Run-Flat Tires

Not amphibious (only LAV I’s are amphibious)

Each of the 8 wheels can be independently driven





General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada LAV Brochure

LAV-6-1.thumb.png.e63bb73f273bfa6e1dd8a7 LAV-6-2.thumb.png.f44cca262d49e04f873364

General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada LAV Brochure 2

LAV-6.0-1.thumb.png.e8cf2d787f7fec6d7fec LAV-6.0-2.thumb.png.5f7bbc62ac66b8558a6a