Late WW2 heavies

I dislike one death leavers, but this probably not relevant to this topic. People with the will to keep fighting will gladly take the opportunity to respawn for free.

I wouldn’t say that these vehicles are “unplayable”, even in a massive uptier of 2-3 BRs. Yes, you wouldn’t be able to solo the game like you could in a proper tank, you will need to change your tactics to support your team who still have their heavy vehicles instead.

You would choose such a teammate and operate as a flank screener, protecting them from flanking, even if all you can do is to die and give them a few precious seconds while the enemy is reloading to get into cover.

Or you can go and rush into an enemy cap point to decap it and make enemy players waste their time recapping it.

If you’re too slow, you can play defensively, sitting in the ambush on a critical intersection, waiting for an enemy to drive by and nailing them in the side armor.

If people can take a BT-7 or an M22 into a top tier game and do almost as well as in a proper tank, you can certainly make use of these Reserve vehicles to help your team to win.

How often do you make use of all 5 slots in your lineup? 1 plane, 3 mainline tanks and 1 reserve seems like a pretty good combination.

Just because people are selective about what they consider to be historically okay. Otherwise, Pumas and Panzer IV Hs would be at 6.7 with the Jagdtiger and the Tiger II.

And that’s fine. WT is literally too large a game to experience it in its entirety for a single person. Choosing to focus on an area of interest is ok. I never play above 7.7 because I’m not too interested in the modern stuff.

But that doesn’t mean I want to screw over other players.

Putting the IKV 103 at 8.0 means nobody will ever spawn it again. That’s not fun. My enjoyment of the game does not grow if someone else’s is killed.

This is the universal problem of WT. If your suggestion relies on players playing an exact specific way in order to work, it has already failed. Forcing players to behave a certain way is basically impossible. They would just not spawn it and move on.

They do it because they want to do it. But they can also play those machines at their proper BRs, which under your suggestion, would not be the case.

You should also ask yourself why people have fun uptiering those two vehicles but you never see it done with the IKV…


Im seriously thinking of just skipping 6 to 9 and just buying a top tier premium and running one tank to see if that is anymore fun.Spares me all this era related rubbish.I will join the ranks of the ODL brigade at top tier.

Abrams has 105mm, Dicker max has 105mm

Clearly M1 should be 3.3


But they are different lengths and different breeches, etc. Same actual width means nothing. Dicker Max and Abrams both have a 105mm, and you know damn well they aren’t the same gun at all.

I use Ikv 103 at 8.3

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I am not saying that system should be implemented. I don’t think it should.

I was just saying that if it was, that is how you could balance it better.

This tangent is a good example of why we really need ordnance-based variable BRs. Shell types, missiles, bombs, etc. Not normal modules though, as that’s far too gameable.

Adding in every decimal point (3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, etc) would help with this as well, among other benefits.

Now I have the additional question of why you’re playing Sweden 8.3 when it has a single tank at that tier, an off meta ATGM carrier at that. Especially when 8.0 and 8.7 are some of the strongest lineups in the entire game, and include ATGM carriers of their own, so you aren’t even missing that capability.

Genuine question, what 8.0 tank (or tanks, depending on lineup size) are you not bringing to make room for the Ikv?

Maybe one SAAB-105OE and ikv-103 line up lol

I use the T-54, Strv 101, VIDAR, the Ikv 73 but with a missile thing, the U-SH, the Ikv 91, and the Saab 105G. The Ikv 103 is just filling an extra slot