Late WW2 heavies

Many famous tanks are late WWII heavies. You might think Gaijin would have paid more attention to balancing around that BR, but not many heavies like the IS-2 (1944), IS-3, Tiger II, and many other late WWII heavy tanks suffer from fighting HEAT and other high-penetrating shells of that BR range and being up-tiered.

Maybe they could add some sort of feature to help balance or fix this BR for heavy tanks. Do you have any ideas?


No… I feel like if they go down, they oppress everything they fight. If they go up they never really win. I think they’re fine were they’re at. But that just my opinion and I don’t know much ¯\ _ (ツ) _ /¯


They should not go down they just hammer other tank maybe add more BRs or more mechanic to make them balanced, for now they get hammered in up-tiers and there BRs

I said if they went down they’d oppress everything. Not saying they should.

I do agree with this. This will help out with decompression soooo much. Not just for the tanks we’re talking about either

Yeah, but again that is slightly due to decompression

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They already decompressed the BRs above them last year which helped a ton.

You can’t do more decompression until the top BR gets moved up without compressing other BRs more. I think that decompression is the only solution that would be fair.

The primary issue is the devs’ insistence that basically every vehicle should be able to have a frontal duel with basically everything in its BR range. It’s a mindset problem.

This is why light vehicles are consistently under-BRed across the whole game; this just happens to be most obvious and egregious at the “armour to HEAT-FS transition” area.

This has nothing to do with years/eras, and it annoys me every time someone uses that shorthand, as it instantly derails and improperly frames the topic.


Yeah i agree gaijin keeps adding cold war light tank prototypes that aren’t really fit for there Eras br and puts them at low br to show players how toptier is like


I have some problems understanding someone complaining that things like IS3 or KT need lower BR…

They are some of the stronger vehicles at their BR…lowering their BR would make them FAR too strong. And you dont really need any special stats…just playing the game…

All vehicles are weaker when uptiered…at least KT and IS3 can still be VERY effective…
Sure…when full uptiered they lose some of their resistance to enemy fire…but you would want them to be fully uptiered AND hard to kill? What would happen when they were top tier…?

BTW…late WW2 heavy tanks can only find a balanced opponent with similar vehicles OR more modern vehicles…there is no other way to find a opponent for something like King Tiger, which was stronger than (almost) anything it actually faced in WW2.


I just think we need more decompression in general.

Right now, the range gap in capabilities of vehicles within a match is way too large.

For example; Maus is overpowered against 6.7, but it’s useless against 8.7. If it only faced 7.0-8.3s, it would be far more balanced than it is now; balanced enough that Gaijin wouldn’t have had the need to remove it “because of how hard to balance it is”.

I believe uptiers should be mild inconveniences at worst; uptiers should never render a vehicle obsolete as they do now in many BR ranges.

That’s the point; Tiger II has plenity of balanced opponents on its own era, there’s no need to force it to fight Cold War tanks 20 years more modern.

IS-2 1944, IS-3, T-44, T-44-100, T34, T29, T26E5, T26E1, Centurión Mk.1, Centurion Mk.3, all the French postwar Medium/Heavies, and a long etc… there’s no need to force them face ATGMs, HEATFS, M60s, AMX-30s and late T-54s!


Autoloader too OP!!! nerf! nerf!

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The IS-2 1944 and T-44 both were good at 6.3 where they were for years. There was no need to f up their br.


Almost all previous 5.3-6.3 vehicles were moved up in BR.

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BR Decompression

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I can counter the tiger 2 being lowered the only upper armored part is the front of the tank the side is the same thickness as the Tiger 1 so it can actually be lowered and plus same gun as Tiger 1 so they can be put lower.

Umm no, that is not true. The Tiger 1 uses KwK36 and the Tiger 2 uses Kwk43. Two different guns with very different penetration rates. Tiger 1 can only pen up to 162mm (most penning APHE round) and 211mm (APCR) and that Tiger 2 can pen up to 237mm with (APHE) and 279mm (APCR).

what I meant Is a 88mm gun I know they where diffrent my main point was the armor.

The ugly seam between WW2 late and the Cold war stuff from 40 years later is about 6-7 BR I guess. It does come in earlier especially for the UK, it’s a gap filler really.

All you can do is drop back down in BR to around 3-5 tops.

War thunder and many of its followers seem proud of the fact WW2 tanks face enemies from 1985,not sure why.

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I’m not it’s not fun I die so quick and I am never able to leave the spawn because of the new tanks have like double the acceleration/speed of my Tiger 2.

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And the gun can’t pen them.

It’s terrible especially if you have not modded the tank fully. Even worse on the up tier.I stopped playing German heavies Tiger/Panther when they went up to 6 BR and they spammed 6BR with the M109.I just stay around 3-5 BR. Even had fun on lower BRs. Many player ODL when they get up tired or just quit without playing…