Largest Player Drop Since 2015

Ofcourse not. The game play hasn’t fundamentally changed in a decade, which was why i brought it up. War Thunder is relatively short form gameplay. I feel it works well for low-mid tier vehicles but doesnt work at all for the upper tier vehicles.

Is it just a venting post?
No. But its a VERY dramatic dip in player count. I was wondering why that was and what other people thought.


Seriously though i do like Sim EC. It has its issues like steam rolling but its fun. The cockpit only view just isnt for everyone so it’ll never be the popular mode.

When did i say i was looking at this in isolation? I literally asked for other peoples opinions.

Sure you may be right Helldivers 2 may be taking some players time right now. But War Thunder has been around through many games that had some overlap and the count hasnt dipped to this extent. Im sure helldivers 2 is a factor though.

I’m still baffled by the fact the 292 coupons show up in the same amount as the other event vehicles despite being significantly more demanding to obtain, it makes little sense.

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Helldivers 2 Well at least it reason why I rarely play this game these day

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I personally don’t enjoy this game much anymore. I only play Air SB and the whole tree-hugging meta takes the fun out of it for me. A big part of combat with these modern jets is BVR fights, Gaijin has decided to completely render all radar missiles useless on anyone spending minimal effort to just fly low.

I think this excessive multipathing stems from the air RB gameplay where it would simply frustrate too many people due to spotting issues and the horrendous 16v16 furball every game, it’s a recipe for disaster.

This excessive multipathing allows anyone to basically bum-rush you and force a merge whilst being completely safe, nullifying any energy/bvr advantage you might have. Helpless.

It’s both unrealistic and INCREDIBLY dull.

It’s an incredibly bad compromise for the 16v16 furball gameplay that players don’t even enjoy in the first place.
@Stona_WT when will Gaijin adress this?

Can we at least disable the multipathing feature in SB?


The 16 vs 16 in Air RB is aweful. According to a lot of feedback and even the devblog about the advanced fox 3 playtest, i have a feeling this is going to change next update.

Even in Gaijin’s devblog they mentioned that their internal playtesters felt smaller engagements were more fun and interesting.

So hopefully the 16 vs 16 nightmare goes away for the upper tiers next update.

this is good?

Even if they reduce player count per battle it wont solve fundamental issue. In Polish we got a saying.

“If brothel does not bring money you change hookers not the curtains”

Unless they bring full blown RB EC nothing will change. Attackers still will be mostly useless, ARH will just break the game even more forcing everyone into deck even harder then ever before. You can’t have a modern jets fighting on poststamps. Current EC implementation of RB is junk. Because all it is a huge maps nothing more. It is still team deathmatch.

It falls apart even on lower tiers where bombers/attackers are just RP/SL piniatas. We have all those laser guided bombs and missiles just to grief people in Ground RB. You can’t SEAD or ground pound at all because moment someone sees you there will be 10 missiles heading your way.


As someone who plays Italian air i was happy to get a HUaf sub tree mostly b/c I could get a gripen easier

This actually made me laugh out loud.

You’re not wrong. Decreasing player counts will still result in players hugging the ground.

I think it would still be better though since you would have more room to operate. They really should be adding multiple first spawn airfields too in order to spread everyone out or have everyone air spawn across their side of the entire map.

If your forward rwr warnings were less numerous, i feel like many people would attempt bvr more.

A true RB EC would be reallu nice to see though.

November 2015 was 35,236.
The last 30 days were almost 93 gonna round it to 94k. So I kind of fail to see how the population had a decrease,

Now I welcome a new gamemode however if they’re executed properly and…that’s where I stop…you know why cause Snail likes to be slow about everything.

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Maybe re-read the first post.

Month over month in march and april this year looks like were going to see two consecutive months of decrease, which is pretty dramatic compared to recent history.

Yes total player count is much higher than 2015 but thats not what i said.

Anybody can read the Steam charts here and as always with statistics, there’s multiple ways to skin a cat but i never said total player count is lower than 2015.

Weve lost more of a % of players in a single month than we have since 2015.

Thats the only stat i was talking about and i wanted feedback from others on why.

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Mate, I am not reading a post that is full of wrongs. The highest peak at the time was in 2015. Has only steadily increased. To where the game is now in the old town stalemate. It can no longer progress forward nor can it backtrack. Cause there is no competition.

Reading would help…

It’s possible it’s peaked, and there’s nowhere left to grow after 10 years. Certainly a hypothesis.

I’d take a look at the graph I posted again though: Largest Player Drop Since 2015 - #14 by Bruce_R1. The max-simo users is definitely following a different pattern this year than the last two.

If you look over the last two years, good updates, bad updates, new nations, Steam votedowns, whatever, didn’t really change anything. There was a big peak in April then a dip, then a slow ramp up starting in the fall ending the next April. This has been the consistent pattern since the start of covid, with year over year growth each year.

The one thing that has seemed to change things for player counts is the event format, as we see by the little spike this year for the 292 event. This year the dip started at the end of that event, and is currently ongoing. It’s reasonable to assess it’ll keep dipping until the summer, too. Still a very healthy population, they’ve got room to drop. But it’s not wrong to point out for the first time since the Covid swell it is legitimately dropping now if you factor out the seasonal variation (at least among Steam users).


I for one enjoy getting pounded in my upgraded WW2 era Russian tanks 7.7 and 8.0 against Challenger and Leopard 2, along with TOW firing M113 and Bradelys’. I enjoy seeing my shells bounce off direct hits at point blank range. Oh, and I saw my first tank covered in reactive armor, been killed by rocket propelled shells from across the map. But I’ll keep grinding away until I can get those vehicles and hope by then I won’t be fighting anti gravity tanks and Bolo’s. LOl


I stopped to play last few days.
I try today to play but the game simply doesn’t attract me any more. Last few months i had extremely frustrated moments and i don’t believe is going to get better for me. I dont even bother to write my exact reasons for what is bothering me, a simple browsing on the forum is enough to get the idea.

So for the moment i am just steeping out.

PS. I read about upcoming mechanics and especially that thing when you are getting shot all kind of things will happen to your screen, seriously is going to give me physical headaches.


There is room to grow, some other online games have millions of players daily.

But it would be better to compare this trend with their main competitor world of tanks.

My opinion : FA18 will come for a last and temporary top gun effect.Thats going to be their last chance to make something.
I mean they will need to find another way than this silly grind to retain users after that.

I believe the potential is in the realistic mode : its too similar to arcade at the moment, and they should make something bigger of realistic more like an EC.

I leave sim aside as the gap from realistic and the learning curve is too much for most players. Also mouse joy is not ideal tbh in air sim, havent even tried tank sim.


Name 4 games that allow all 4 types of vessels to be playable. There isn’t. War Thunder created a category that no one has bothered or does not want to venture into. When you have no competition, you do not have room to grow because competition is what allows a game to grow and improve. Other it gets stepped over.

how it wont drop ? all IP from asian and australia got blocked and cant join any modes

Fact there is no game like Warthunder on the market does not mean they dont have competition.

They still compete for time players spend with other games and companies. Biggest proof is when they really do something stupid and community pushes hard against it. Then they get scared that people will leave and find new games they enjoy.

It is true that they have strong USP and no game does it. However it does not mean they do not have competition. Game Industry is extremely competetive market, more competetive then most of them. Because it is entertaiment industry.

Everything lies in what community will and will not tolarate. We vote with our time and money. If community decides one day to spend time somewhere else, poof Warthunder and Gajin fade into void.