Lack of motivation

Has anyone experienced any sorts of lacking in motivation to play the game anymore ?

Ever since a few weeks after the last update I just haven’t feel the need to play anymore.

It’s like burnout but without the burnout it’s hard to explain.


No, cause I set minor goals for myself and use discipline instead.

A bit. i think its down to a lack of gamemode content and less so vehicle content.

The vehicles have changed but the setting hasnt really and despite being in different vehicles, it all feels the same. I think Id be more excited for a update for the PvE in ASB than any new aircraft for example


I did but now I got everything that I play, For me the game is loosing is shine now.

Hopefully the Benelux sub tree would get my hype back up. But considering how other sjbs hace gone I’m not gonna hold that much breath on it.

Well there’s your problem.
Your mindset is on “Oooo shiny.”
All I can say is adopting a mindset of learning things, or experiencing vehicles, is a much healthier and long-lasting effect.
I’ll re-watch shows and film once I forget enough about it.
Same goes for vehicles in War Thunder.
There are so many I haven’t touched in 3+ months that I could and enjoy like it was the first time playing them.


No its not, I like to play low/mid tier I played most of these vehicles to death now.

There is nothing new to learn anymore.

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Come to naval, we have cookies and depth charges


I would like to have a game mode that similar to war on the seas campaign model. That would be neat

I’ve never played that, so no idea :D

I think for ground we could really do with a ground EC gamemode and for air both an RB EC gamemode and an Air Sim overhaul/update.

Just add some more combat types and content

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It would be unusual to maintain a high level of motivation to any 1 task for a long period of time - we are all human, and the game is an entertainment that may or may not suit each of us from time to time.

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So basically you are given a map, you tell your units what to do i.e patrol, search & destroy, or Carriers vs carrier combat. Of course once you’ve located them

But the fog of war is on. Ect

Ah, right, does sound like my kind of game

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Yes.The cold war junk spam in my WW2 tech tree ruined it along with the destruction of all the maps.Just killed it for me.Battle pass was a real chore and to be honest I didn’t complete it.


Yea tbh it’s such a shame all of these models are being wasted on a furball & endless grinding mindset.

A game mode like this would help the player to value those assets, like if your battleship got sunk. That’s it out for that ship in this campaign.

And these campaign could take months to complete as a whole.

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@Morvran I would highly take a look at war on the seas m8.

Where would you start with naval?

Id start with the destroyers. Coastals economy is a bit screwy at the moment (too many Gaijin bots) but the bluewater economy is fine. Coastal can be fun, but it can also be a bit of a furball. Destroyers and cruisers can be a blast. Heavy cruisers and up have some balance issues, mostly due to compression


I have over 11,000 hours in War Thunder.
I still haven’t learned anywhere close to everything, and I learned A LOT.
I also learn extremely fast.

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Plenty of bots in blue water - I’m getting my 12-kill challenge done in naval blue water due to games that are 80% bot DD’s and CL’s!!

You’ve realized that WT is really just playing the same couple dozen of games over and over again, and the only thing Gaijin changes to keep you interested is minor details in vehicles it (slowly) allows you to play in them.
I normally get tired of the BSery of how Gaijin runs its game and how it negatively affects game play. The sandbagged progression, crappy matchmaking, etc.
Ordinarily I let the clock on the boosters you get from the daily and assualts (which I enjoy more than PVP), to meter my game play. When I push for an event or grind, I often take a week or two off from the game to not hate it so much. lol.