Lack of a compass in 3rd person Air

With the addition of the Air Alert callout, the compass now has a bit more use as it showcases the general direction of the reported enemy aircraft. There is, however, a confusing limitation to this; the compass cannot be viewed in 3rd person, and the player must hop on to virtual cockpit mode to get it.

So I am either missing some settings (I’ve set the Battle Interface HUD to ‘full’), or this was deliberately designed as such. The latter case seems needless and I’ve half a mind to bring this up to the suggestions page, but what do you guys think?


We do need the compass in 3rd person Air.

The “radar” widget shows compass headings.

Air viewing location/position versus ground view positions can greatly differ - really only effective when coming from the home air spawn or base. Map orientation is probably more helpful.


Compass is there…

I completely forgot about that.

However, a compass like the one in ground should be added, it’ll be easier to read, and easier to use.

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Nope. Not in GRB. Remember, he asked for mixed battles.