LACAB GR.8 - An ugly "bomber/reconnaissance/escort fighter"

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The LACAB GR.8 “Doryphore” was a Belgian “bomber/reconnaissance/escort fighter” prototype built in the 1930s for the Belgian air force. Even though it really only looks like a bomber - an ugly one at that - it was also planned to be a heavy fighter and a reconnaissance aircraft and was somewhat maneuverable for its looks.

However, the plane was already obsolete when it was built in 1936 and the only prototype is then dedicated to training. It was badly damaged on April 4th 1938 during tests on the Haren airfield. Although the aircraft was seriously damaged, the Aéronautique Militaire decides to have the aircraft repaired by SABCA but by then, war breaks out and the plane is destroyed under the rubble of the hangar it was in during the bombardments of the installations of Evere in May 1940 by the Luftwaffe.

The GR.8:


Yeah it’s not that pretty


Engine: 2 × Gnome-Rhône 14Kdrs (780 hp)
Wingspan: 18m
Length: 13.45m
Height: 4.5m
Wing area: 65m²
Empty weight: 3400kg
Loaded weight: 6500kg
Wing loading: 78kg/m² - Est. Turn time: 16s (! tight turn radius but G limit probably low !)

Max speed: 360km/h at 4000m
Armament: 6 × 7.62mm FN-Browning machine guns (3 × 2) or 4 × 7.62mm FN-Browning machine guns (2 × 2) and 1 × 20mm cannon (front turret)
Payload: 600 or 800kg of bombs
Climb rate: 11.1m/s
Service ceiling: 9500m
Range: 1000km

Overall it could be a nice Rank I light bomber with an okay payload that can defend itself with a surprising maneuverability and a possible 20mm cannon in the front!

It can be an event or premium french aircraft due to the links between France and Belgium and also the ugliness similar to french planes or it could be kept for a BeNeLux tech tree, that’ll be up to Gaijin!

As a nice feature, the back gunner could also fly the plane back to the airfield if needed, getting pilot sniped won’t be an issue here!

Anyway it’d be nice to hear your thoughts on this special little (kinda big) plane!

Useful blueprint:



Charles Mali, Les avions S.A.B.C.A. et associés, Prototypes et projets

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Looks like a fun plane! +1 for France

+1 love the inter-war aircraft!