KV-1E Should go down in battle rating to 1.0

The KV-1E needs to go down in br to 1.0 because its gun is simply not powerful enough for 4.0. Its also dreadfully slow and has Imo lackluster armor. Please state your opinion on this because I want to know who agrees with me. I am sure everybody will agree.


You’re insane.

It’ll get bodied at 1.0. It needs to be at highest 0.3. Realistically, it should be in the 0.0 to -0.7 range,


I mean of course. It’s a pre-war vehicle, has no place fighting WW2!

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I say gaijin should just added ww1 tanks and put it down there just so it can be balance, heck add infantry and let them fight the kv-1 only.

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Me who just got came out of a battle against KV-1E …

Serious The Addams Family GIF


XD XD XD XD XD LOL That made me chuckle.

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Lmao, umm how about a no from me.The F-32 is plenty good at it’s br, just learn were to shoot :)

It is slow, but it’s also a heavy tank… They aren’t supposed to be the M18 mate.

Excuse me?? The regular KV-1’s have good armor, and the E has even more. It’s like 100mm on the front, 75 on the sides and 70 in the rear!!! 70mm of rear armor plating, that’s crazy! And the best part is you can angle it all. It’s literally a box… Plus the turret has 100mm all round except the back, and it still gets 75mm. If anything it should be going up to 4.3 or even 4.7, and I love the tank. The only big weak spots are, the MG port, but that’s for most tanks, and the rear turret ring.

LMAO! Should defiantly be fighting roman chariots and Tachankas. Maybe at most farmers with pitchforks

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OP speaks the trvth.

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I don’t think it should go down, but I certainly do NOT think it should go up as many people say precisely because of this.

Right now, it has good armor, yes… but its gun is indeed very lackluster and the nobility is poor; so the least you could ask from it is to have, indeed, good armor.

So… yeah. Every time I see people suggesting to increase its BR, I become infuriated, because that’s aimed at taking away its only current advantage that makes up for all the disadvantages, which is its armor lmao

Not to mention that it would ruin the Russian 4.0 lineup… that being said, I’ve seen people suggest that KV-1S should go up too, so XD.

Basically, people can’t stand it when heavy tanks are actually more survivable than light tanks.


Best I can do is 5.0BR

Yeah, but what if the person suggesting it goes up are people who play it? Like me. I think it would be fine at 4.3, I mean most of my games in it have been there anyway

It already significantly struggles on 5.0 uptiers, where most (if not all) tanks have armor fully/mostly impervious to its miserable 80mm of pen while having guns that can punch through it with ease and while also having much better mobility (M4A1 (76)W, VK 30.02 (M), KW I C 756 (r), M6A1…)

Why the hell would anyone want it facing 5.3s now (M4A2 (76)Ws, T1E1…), and 5.0s even more regularly?

Not only it, but its mostly 4.0 lineups too, which would now be forced to face 5.3s as well.

People talk a lot about its good armor, but always forget about the incredibly horrible firepower and barely mediocre mobility.

Being able to tank fire when used properly is its only strength and selling point… take that away from it because “it’s too hard to kill” and you render it pointless.



So many people hate certain vehicles for being what they are.

Complain heavy tank is hard to kill.
Complain light tank gets killed easy.
complain casemate tank destroyer doesnt have a turret.
complain spaa cant kill a heavy.
complain that a vehicle with wheels has wheels…

Guarantee many people would request opposing nation has a certain tank increase in br because it is a tough vehicle to engage and so called (op).

Then - when they play it themselves would request it has a br decrease.

Defining factor for most i believe, is whether they are using it or not, your using it? - buff it. Your against it? nerf it.


Gaijin removed the flanking routes for light tanks, the least they can do is remove the armor for heavy tanks.

In all seriousness, the reason a lot of people are calling for it is because A. It’s at a BR with a lot of newer players which of course makes it harder to kill in the right hands because they don’t know what they are doing and B. Because Gaijin is removing the ways to kill it with things at the BR, like flanking, or moving up vehicles (notable examples being M4A1(76) to 5.0 or Breda 501 to 4.7 from what… 4.0?) which in turn just makes it harder to kill and less fun to fight.

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I didn’t forget. But I also think about the 3.0 tanks it fights. Also the firepower would be good enough for it.

It is hard to kill, but I also know how to kill kv1’s reliably. I also love the tank and have played do it’s not like I’m just saying this bc I think it’s “OP”

Most heavies are easy to kill. Just need to know where to shoot, especially KV’s

Then why would a heavy like KV-1E and its 80mm of pen need to go even higher, where its armor would be of less use and where its firepower would be basically useless?

Think also of the 5.0s it fights, and the 5.3s it owuld fight if it were up-BR’d…

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Because it’s good enough I’ve played it at those Br’s it can hold it’s own. Especially now that tigers and jumbos have gone up

we also have to remember that many players at 3.0 are still getting into the game, and at 3.0 could get full down tiered to 2.0, where all the new players would completely struggle to kill it, heck even penning it would be a struggle for most new players at

It really isn’t. Facing Vk 30.02 (M)s, M6A1s, M4A1 (76)Ws, Chi-Ri-IIs and alikes is already bad enough on full uptiers…

We don’t really need to add Panther Ds, ARL-44s, T1E1s, M4A2 (76)Ws, Comet Is, Challengers and alikes to the cocktail of “faster and stronger tanks to face which can lolpen you while you have 80mm of pen to face them”.

That being said, OP’s suggestion to lower its BR is madness… but so is increasing it, IMO.