KV-1A - Klimi a Finnish KV-1 model 1942

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KV-1 does not require much intoructions. It has to one of the best known heavy tanks with Tigers and IS-2. In 1941 when Finnish forces advanced to retake Karelia, they encountered several of these heavily armored vehicles, most of them being up armored KV-1Es. Most were taken out by satchel charges or Molotov coctails and a single one claimed by lucky 45mm AT-gun. Two of these KV-1s were captured by Finnish forces and kept around all the way to 1955.

Now the Finnish KV-1E (KV-1B) is already in game, but it is being held hostage by Germans, so I decided to suggest the KV-1A instead. In German army the KW-1A meant KV-1 model 1940, but strangely enough in Finland KV-1A was the designation given to KV-1 model 1942. This variant is very similar to model 1941, except for the square rear hull armor. It also comes with a rounded and slightly thicker cast turret, which was apparently installed on some model 1941s as well. In game we have the KW I C 756 (r) which is a modified model 1942.

KV-1 model 1942
Crew - 5
Weight - 47 tons
Horsepower - 600
Gears - 5 foward, 1 reverse
Top speed - 35km/h foward, 7km/h reverse
Gun - 76mm ZiS-5
-Hull Front - 75mm + 25mm
-Hull Sides - 75mm
-Hull Rear - 60mm
-Turret 105mm all around

I couldn’t find much about their combat use, though they were kept in frontline units and also send to Lapland War. Now both of the Finnish KV-1s are resting in Parola tank museum. The tank had register number Ps. 271-1 and tactical number R-100.


The Finnish armoured vehicles 1918 - 1997, Esa Muikku & Jukka Purhonen, 1998



Gimme, Gimme, Gimme a Kv-1 for sweden before midnight

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Take me through the panzers to the break of the day?

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Need my Finnish tech tree KV-1s.


While the tank is very similar to KV-1 model 1941 in game, the slightly increased turret front thickness might make a difference. 105mm instead of 90mm should be just enough to reliably resist US 75mm and Soviet 76mm cannons, which are still fairly common at 4.7.

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Would kinda make more sense to give the B as a regular TT to sweden like has been done in case of some vehicles in certain cases , and this one as premium, BP or TT in addition to that

I fear they want to keep KV-1B/E as money maker. That’s why it hasn’t gone up from BR 4.0.
Still they could add it as seasonal premium to Finland. That shouldn’t be an issue to anyone, but rather make even more people buy it. A suggestion could help.

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Nothing is being held hostage here as they are friendlies. If anything, your unfounded grievance applies directly to the Ar 196 A-5:

“Held hostage” was of course just a joke as I didn’t bother thinking to describe the situation better. When the Finnish line was added, I wasn’t the only one who expected Sweden-Finland to get KV-1B premium. Many even expected the tank would be moved entirely, just like Merkavas were moved from USA when Israel was added.

Ar 196 seems like a victim of the usual low tier mess where the original owner does not get it at all or already has it as premium. It is obviously their way to fill lineups quickly, but not adding the vehicle at all to the original nation rarely makes sense, unless they already have similar variants. It can be quite annoying.

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Nice post but more WW2 spam ,same tank vs same tank.Confusing and no fun.

Klimi is good, +1. Also they should add KV-1B in Finnish tech tree, back to where it belongs.

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KV-1E, M4A2, etc are all 4.0 instead of 4.3 because of BR compression.

Thankfully no move is necessary as Germany has captured many-a-KV-1E on their own. All that really needs to happen is a flag change and a duplication.


Though if you did want to make the German KV-1B more visually distinctive, this KV-1B with a snow plow would work just fine.



Snow plow would be a cool addition would it be a modification or just a permanent part?

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Probably a removable modification but that’s ultimately up to Gaijin.

If this gets added I want the Sherman snow plows too

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please make me play kantelle and arcodion

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So unfair the Germans have the Finnish KV-1E (IRL they had zero), while the Finns don’t have it (IRL they had two), and the Soviets have their heavily produced KV-1E as a premium and mot in tech-tree (they had hundreds and more). And yes, I know, KV-1 (ZiS-5) exists, but how funny - it is now at 4.7, almost a full BR above the KV-1E.

This is almost certainly incorrect.


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Some not quite fully add-on armored KV-1.


It is a KV-1 model 1940, just like KV-1E, but without turret side and lower side hull bolted add-on armor plates. There are only those extra plates on turret front, hull front, superstructure side and maybe turret rear. That thing on turret top is an AA machine gun mount, which I have never seen on a KV. Very few T-26 and BT tanks have that in photos and in game only the BT-7A (F-32) prototype has it.

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