KS and discrimination problems

How can people trust Gaijin is against team killing and discrimination when its employee is doing so?


I would talk to the game masters.


why would he go publicly say stuff like that? he knows the community will tear him a new one…must be new to the team. i would report him to stona. they listen to him.


It’s definitely a good thing for this to be brought to the wider community. Hopefully they’re getting a strong talking behind closed doors.
But it should still be directed directly towards the management team.

Sorry for the misleading, I meant Kill Stealing, not Team Kill. But essentially, KS, TK, and discrimination are all misbehaviors in the game and people really hate them. Gaijin is trying to solve the problems. Staff and Team shouldn’t behave like that.

Kill stealing isn’t against the rules.


Well, that was a kill steal.
And? If I get that done to me I do the same to others. And in that same vein, why would the person in question give a damn either?
The fact that you said what you said was only begging for a response. Which, of course you got. So eat that up and move on with your day.
Idk what “chinese” meant there but I also cannot care.
Tryna paint others in a bad light is so easy nowadays, they interact with you in a way that isn’t to your liking specifically and then all you need to do is throw a crying fit like a child.
Oh well…

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Strong argument can be made that there is no such thing as KS
And in some cases (victim on fire, flat spin, close to ground ) it might be rude but it’s never agains the any rules, except politeness.
And in the most cases, like 85%, it’s fully warranted cause damaged target can still shoot and launch and it can still kill, as we ALL know. Right?
So if you got bambozeled out of a very clean kill, you can make one angry and rude comment in chat or in message, and there is where the case ends.

Usually pilots attacking those planes like in your examples are simply low skill players as they sacrifice positioning and try to benefit from the work of others.

Farting in a full elevator after a chili-con-carne orgy is also not against rules as long as there is no sign in the elevator prohibiting this - but civilized people don’t do that - even if there is no sign…

I always laugh when i send a bomber down from 6.000 meters and some noobs sweep in trying to steal it and die to overspeeding or defensive gunners without being able to steal it - or simply miss their shots and become ez prey for enemy fighters following them.

So actions of others determine how you interact with others? Jeez…

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Kill stealing is definitely a different issue.
My opinion is that if someone can’t get a kill quickly I’ll take it just to get it over with so we all can move on, there’s been plenty of situations where someone not being able to get a kill leads to them getting ambushed.
While I enjoy the extra kill I’m doing it just because of that.

To me KS isn’t a thing you should be upset about, it’s “Ain’t a ks if it’s chinese” part.


Thank you, that is the point. He admitted that he had stolen a kill but refused to apologize because someone was Chinese. Yes, that’s not against any rule, but it just makes the game environment worse.

Kill stealing isn’t against the rules but some of his replies are definitely against the rules.


I’m not seeing the discrimination here. Looks to me like you were just butt-hurt that he took your kill and decided to make a big deal about nothing. Seems petty to me.

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Yes there’s nothing wrong with team killing but his comments are against the rules. Since he works for gaijin he should be more careful about his words.

What did he say that is against the rules? What specific rule are you referring to?

Xenophobic replies are against the rules.
He said “It ain’t kill stealing if it’s Chinese”.

The only reason it is an issue here is because you are imputing an attitude based on something innocuous. Since Kill-Stealing isn’t against the rules or perceived by Gaijin or the general community to be negative, it’s hard to say that the statement is even derogatory. It’s like saying “It’s not spawn camping if it’s German,” or “It’s not revenge-bombing if it’s British.” This generally is not language that Gaijin usually polices. It’s usually more overt forms of “xenophobic” language.

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I know it’s really common to see such comments but the thing is this guy is a gaijin employee. He should have been more careful with his words.