KS and discrimination problems

If the word is not Chinese, is jew or black, hmmmm

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Quaestor is not an employee of Gaijin Entertainment according to any publicly facing records.

I see a new thread: No one works on wiki anymore, Gaijin doesn’t care!

China is an ingame nation, Chinese vehicles are an ingame fact and a potential enemy of the team.
Jews are not an ingame nation, nor are blacks.
I do see a difference.

Kill stealing is annoying and frustrating, but there are no rules in the game that state it is not allowed. However, based on what I can see from the screenshot, I agree that his response is offensive.

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Hello everyone. Thanks for your concern. Chat moderators have already handled this case, although we are not authorized to disclose penalties of other players, but you may stay assured that such violations would be dealt with seriously as long as there’s vaild report backing up.

However, please note that political talks have no place here. You may PM any Game Master about such cases next time. About so-called “kill steal” issue, measures are being taken to improve the kill credit system (the WIP critical damage mechanics), please stay tuned to official news.


Hey everyone. Allow me to apologize before @地狱猫车长肯尼迪 and everyone else who might found my words offensive. It was a very rude and emotional “joke” that went horribly wrong. I never wanted to offend anyone, I accept the punishment and promise it won’t happen again.