Korea Map Objectives 3-Bases no AF

On the 3-base Korea Map (in this case BR 5.7) After the 3 Bases have been Destroyed, then What. Bombing the AF does nothing!

What is the purpose of this map, after the bases are gone?

Display says after the 3 bases are gone “Objective Completed”. Huh ???

Same as on the revised Spain map.

Don`t they respawn after a while?
Or was that the 4 base games?

No, these are standard (=non-respawning) bases…

it is a legacy map from when they put thought into objective design not just copy pasting the same preset on other maps with small adjustments, I think airfields no longer were bombable after people became more efficient in bombing them in around 2019 I think, could be wrong, it is a side-effect of changed airfield models, they should honestly bring back airfield bombing, should not end the game but rather increase rearm times and repairs maybe 5x


So, what you’re saying is, after the three bases are gone…I should just J-out and leave the match…
what is going on, is this the nightmare that Operation Husky was,? on one side the bombers had absolutely nothing to do.
This was a good idea???

Also the Airfield bombing as an objective was taken out Only on the 4 Base maps, where the Bases re-spawn.

Mhm - bombers are not limited to bomb bases or airfields.

Depending on your loadout and overall accuracy you can kill lots of ground stuff - on both maps. If you prefer to land and j out - do it quick, at least on the revised Spain map - the af aaa is basically useless there - u are otherwise an ez kill.

I see a problem for guys in bombers with strategic bomber spawn - either hordes of Wyverns or B-25 bot bombers kill the 3 bases usually faster than a B-17 or Stirling can get there - so completing a task like “kill 20 bases” can take ages now…

I Would rather D**, than use Ordnance on Vehicles or Gun emplacements. such an incredible waste, and you most likely won’t hit a moving column from high altitude. Or a Ship.

If the other Bombers , the B-17’s Lancasters, Sterlings, and the rest, can’t do “SOMETHING” they can get accused of “Passive Behaviour” and get banned.

Dude - u complained about maps with 3 bases and no airfield to bomb, with some experience you are able to hit stationary targets from 7km+. And with some experience more you can hit enemies landing/repairing/reloading mainly on their forward airfield, it is just a matter of the right timing…

Hitting ships (mainly carriers) in Air RB from higher alt is possible too, i killed dozens of carriers on Norway or Operation Husky on my old account some years ago - it depends mainly on your angle and the proper lead.

Trying to be useful for your team on the 2 mentioned maps (revised Spain and Korea) by draining enemy tickets if your base targets were killed is not that hard.

Do you really believe that? Nobody gets banned if you have occasionally such maps or the rare Pacific maps…everybody knows that the majority of players can’t land with a B-17 on a carrier…

And you have alternative targets on both maps…it is just more challenging…