Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 3)

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Can’t wait to see the some Black Hawk Down videos now that we have Black Hawks and Little Birds in game. Shame we don’t have any Humvees yet.

mig 29g

also why hasnt the roadmap been addressed yet

Type 93 will do

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Much worse radar and RWR, less flares and no guided A2G weaponry.


much worse radar? you mean n019?

and? still has the same weaponry, why would radar matter if youre only gonna use 40% of it

rwr? still tells you the general threat, you dont need to know what is gonna make you die

less flares? how many?

no a2g doesnt matter, they have a tornado and you wont use it in arb anyways

Sales coming tomorrow too??

SMT can notch while guiding radar missiles (90* horizontal limit for the radar)
SMT has much better/much precise RWR angles
SMT has 56 large caliber flares together with standard 60 normal flares
SMT can play both A2A and A2G while Germany needs two separate aircrafts for these roles

Okay, I’d much prefer a Mig-29SMT & Su-24 combo for Soviets than just SMT personally.
I do like that I can run IDS & Mig-29 for Germany.
Two Mirages for France when I get the 2000 5F.

again, how many times will you actually be notching?

you still haven’t told me Gs flare count, and who actually uses smt for cas? theres also better alternatives for cas than smt

I mean it’s better to have a multirole fighter and dedicated attacker imo but having to choose between pure fighter and attacker isn’t ideal.

Well, I totally understand what you’re saying. I have been using forums for more than two decades. However, I would like to make a brief reflection at the end of this R&R.
You should never ignore what people want. And what people want is not what two or three guys ask for (the two guys who ask to send spam freely and the two guys who ask for no more spam).
The experience here, over the years, teaches that people want a space to socialize about general issues related to the game. You will see R&R works 5% as a rumor thread and works 95% as a small community of fans of war, history and war thunder, among other things.
Not because two or three people say it, but because the community expresses it that way update after update in each R&R.
Really, I think the only solution to this is to create a space where the community socializes and debates rumors and leave this thread exclusively for factual mining data or publication of leaks. Or simply convert R&R into R&R plus.

It is clear that the format of these forums has expired. Society became accustomed to being permanently connected with other people. Forums precede modern social networks and their format is obsolete. You see, since the new forum is here, many people who were here for decades are no longer here, that was undoubtedly a blow to this small but noisy community. I must make this observation because it seems that the rules can be broken (almost always) except when “certain topics” arise. I’m not saying it’s true, but the feeling is that “the rules” seem like an excuse to silence (I don’t always have that feeling, luckily).



If you actually have any experience in top tier? Many times on many occasions…

60 it’s the same as standard 60 normal flares on the other MiGs

Same people that use F-16A Block 10, F-16C, F-14B etc.

Man I’d love to have alternatives in germany you know… too bad I only have one after Tornado IDS which is the Su-22M4. Russia on the other hand has MiG-27K, Su-25T/BM/Su-39, Su-17M4 and the SMT.

Not to mention the fact that Tornado or Su-22M4 can’t fight enemy CAS. Russia can with MiG-27K and SMT.

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There 's been no evidence that gaijin 's been working on versions of the M2K D other than the RMV, which in tandem w/ the soon-to-be capability gap this particular variant might be able to fill, seems to indicate that those other variants likely will not appear before it - if they are to appear at all.

No surprises here, they’ve been saying that they want to keep the GB Phantoms where they are( and as a result, how they are ) for a very long time now.
What 's more interesting from this repeat response is the explanation on how one particular consideration that 's keeping them this way is the low number of aircraft in GB Rank 7, where they’re currently located - only three other techtrees have fewer researchable aircraft at that research position.

Since efficiency-balancing is variable, it 's likely mainly this that 's resulted in the FG/FGR being kept static in loadout options - therfore, seeing more powerful weapons on one of them is unlikely until we have evidence of additional aircraft( probably fighters in particular ) being added for GB at Rank 7. Something we currently lack.

Not to drift into off topic, but I think we all share the same feelings and can pinpoint a few examples we personally find bothersome.

I’d love to have an F-14esque missile bus, cough cough Su-27 cough cough. It hasn’t come yet and it is what it is.

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, but yes, I can appreciate wanting a more “attack-like” attack aircraft.

You should try seeing from the other side, USSR players would like to have a more standoff/interdictor type aircraft without having to just do it in the SMT. Ask most USSR “mains” and I’m sure they’ll tell you SMT is nice, but fills a niche and isn’t what they wanted. I think most of them would’ve preferred a MiG-29S and an Su-24.

My view, even though im new its a Rumor Round Up and Discusions, obviously it depends on how you inteprate that but I see it more as general discusion about the current update and war thunder as a whole since there isnt a “General Disscusion” thread like this