Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 2)

It’s literally called AMTSh in the files afaik

Hm, just doesnt look like one to me, apologies.

Realistic are ya crazy? And if it is really realistic, in this game, it is just stupid.

This armor of new Object is just OP. Really 900mm at turret.

This update is small, not much about vehicles.

If your concern is the nose, there were multiple Mi-8 variants upgraded to AMTSh standard, we just got the old one.

Old nose

New nose


One thing that should be done is reducing their visibility as they make it hard for both firing and receiving end to see whats going on.

Oh, thank you, I didnt know that. This game is sometimes weird with not mentioning production model or if production model is new or not.

A Panther for the tree is not planned. There is already one as a premium.

Might still happen. The Finnish 2A6 also got the older sideskirts and different smoke dischargers on live server

Well, we have already had advanced trainers in the game including stuff like Sk.60.


I think he is referring to Italian long barrel variant M109L, equipped with Oto Melara cannon.

Version visible in the dev server asset viewer appears to be the what was originally called Mi-8AMTS. In its post-1996 configuration, before the steerable electro-optical turret was added on later generations of AMTSh: An Mi-8AMT with the Raduga system from the Mi-24V giving it the ability to use 9M114 missiles.

Mi-8AMTS 1997


Designation was changed slightly to Mi-8AMTSh later on. Text saying Mi-8AMTSh and the export designation Mi-171AMTSh are just about visible in these later photos


In 1996 the Mi-8AMTS had the Raduga system in a single unit in the nose kind of similar to Mi-28’s layout. But it was changed to the external podded system more like Mi-24V we see in the later images

Mi-8AMTS 1996

Probably so that the helicopter could retain the option for the 7.62mm PKT machine gun installation in the nose while carrying Shturm.


Very interesting, thank you.

Great, this let possibility for Tiger in the TT and all others ww2 vehicles ! :p

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Instead of asking for meaningful tanks you ask for captured ones :|

meaningful tanks are asked since years and don’t come, so we go for full copy pasta since everybody got French tech but not France x))


It makes sence that they are adding top of the line Mi-8/Mi-17 now when we have MH-60L DAP, of whom is the modern Mi-8/17 direct analogue

the mi 28 NM can also use the lmur, they dont currently have them since its range is too much

well a Mi-8 model was datamined wasnt it?