Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 2)

How many of these 115 vehicle come from other nations ?

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Even though they have 115 unique vehicles do I think they deserve a independent tech tree.
No not really

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At most 15(because they are not in the game) the tree has a total of 141 vehicles. So I didn’t count the 26(18%) C&P I already removed.

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Has any conclusion over the F-111As ability to carry AIM-9J/P (and thus being implemented) been made?

is it just me or is the pantsir tracking radar absolute whack today on live server

You mean this one?

Where almost all of tiers 1-4 are exclusively US/UK vehicles or slightly modified in Canadian service, and then tiers 5-7 is the LAV family, Leopards, and SPAA?

There’s a few glaring issues with the tree, one being that a ton of these vehicles are identical with only minor changes (i.e LAVUP was the program name to upgrade LAV III to LAV 6)


And by that logic, a Jumbo and 105 and Firefly are all the same Tank. They still are modified. Look at all the spitfires in-game, the modifications are almost nonexistent but they still are different vehicles. to the snail, even the smallest of modifications can be used to make a new vehicle (but it’s often in the name of greed and grind)


I don’t disagree, but I will say that there’s a reason Israel is one of the least played trees in the game. You can only grind out the same tank so many times before you get bored of it. The same issue would realistically happen to a hypothetical Canadian tree.

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Early F-15s wouldn’t be much better than current F-14B. Same missile loadout (except for Phoenixes) and slightly better flight performance.

I don’t get why people make it as some stealthless F-22 Raptor.


it is like what the F-4E was in the prime on crack, I get why people say too much for rn

I don’t get why USA should get F-15 right now.

Their air force is as pampered as the Russian top tier ground. It would be nice if other nations lead the way sometimes.

They always have some of the most powerful TT/premium aircraft, always get the first new meta tech additions with the Russians, and always ask for more…

Propose that “minor nations” get things that lead the meta and immediately people say 'that would be too OP" “It’s not balanced” when for years it’s the same people who always get the opportunity to have the OP thing.


I know a good number of Israel players and see a good number of them as well. 2 or more players running the nation in almost every BR you can find them(more then the British players in some of my matches. I’m the only one so it could also say it’s the least played in the game). It also needed you to have other nations unlocked to a certain rank before you could play the nations. Much of it is the matchmaker itself.

I know a good number of players who would play at least 2 in the small number of people I talk to. The rest wouldn’t mind the nation. Also having more nations bring more people in they also spread people out more.

Cuz its cool.

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MiG-29K uses PESA and AESA radars and is currently replacing Su-33 in Russian Navy. The closest American jet would be F/A-18F Super Hornet, not the legacy A/C variants. (A could only use SARH while C got the ability to use AIM-120 btw.)

F-16A/B Block 15 ADF (late) is the only option. It operated with AIM-120C and AIM-9Li so it’s somewhat futureproof.

cause we are on the latest f16 and the f15 isn’t even hear but we do need other nations to catch up before adding loads to the big 3

I’m not saying they should. I just wanted to clarify that it won’t be some god-machine which is impossible to kill.

I’d gladly take F-15 for Israel or Japan tho. (US can wait for a patch or two)

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us mains will moan so much

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I just want to see the world burn. Don’t mind me popcorn

while we at it mig29k for Britain

Indian AESA Flanker too