Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 2)



I was ganna link the latest roadmap post but yeah the RP changes not mentioned

Yes, gaijin seems to be purposely neglecting to mention these features, but we players can’t forget that this is a much more significant impact on the game than those copy-paste.


they didn’t even bother modeling the single unique M109 that Italy used

They acknowledged it here
“Other Roadmap changes
We knew you’d ask, so we’ll include it here too. We know your anticipation about skill bonuses in RP as well as research bonuses for new nations, and we’re working on these right now too!”


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Yeah, could still come this update

but if it doesnt come this update, then they better have a good reason for it

But in the current beta, we still don’t have access to these features. Considering that this update may not be tested a second time, and that gaijin has not given detailed rules for the RP side of things at this time. I have reason to suspect that these features will be delayed yet.

The new aircraft destruction was also not in the dev server but is planned for this update. Delays can happen however so we’ll see.

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considering the span this dev server is live for, they will be actively updating it, earliest we can see the update is late next week or early week of the 30th

In the last update, the same was not done in the test server for the content mentioned in the roadmap.
However it wasn’t until a few hours after the official server launch that they announced the postponement of some of the features (which included RP rewards).
We will still have to wait and see.The gaijin shouldnt keep postponing the fulfilment of their promises over and over again.

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I just hope they also make a roadmap for the next year so we get a general idea of what to expect and actual give input

Id say, wait to see what early next week holds. It is entirely possible that that RP change may not be tested on the dev server but come to live with the update and simply hasnt been annoucned yet. They also had 2 dev blog delays this week, so that might have had a knock on effect, delaying “visually uninteresting” additions like this RP change till this week. But we shall have to wait and see

There is going to be another?

I said I hope they make one not that there will be one

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Agreed there. One of Gaijins biggest failings is a lack of communication. It doesnt need to be detailed, doesnt need a lot of points, but even just a rough outline with bold “SUBJECT TO CHANGE” written on it, would be greatly appreciated and I think should just be their standard policy going forward


afaik akeron can do it too

not to mention you can guide it with laser or IR f&f.
Losing laser lock means the missile will still stay locked on the last pointed target.

can also loal, a bit like those atgm in the 2077 event : fire the missile in a direction, missile lofts, the POV of the missile is displayed in the heli’s cockpit, you can then lock a target from the missile’s pov

its main drawback is its speed : 160 m/s

the thing needs a whole minute to reach its maximum range of 8 km

Yeah, the whole naval BR system is just a mess. Unfortunately its how the game works and we’re stuck with it. Hyuga and Bayern really shouldn’t be seeing jet bombers while Haruna and Nevada are at least equipped to deal with the earlier jets. And on the opposite end, ships like the Douglas or Bravy shouldn’t be at the same battlerating as the Bf-109 G-14 or P-61C. However due to the BR system those ships are balanced against other naval units and not aircraft. Similar problem in ARB, the whole 9.3-10.3 bracket is just a dumpster fire because slow subsonic aircraft with all-aspect missiles are there because they can’t fight higher tier jets as well.

I say that too whenever AShMs are brought up. Gaijin can’t seem to get ship-to-ship gunnery down, why on Earth is anyone begging for another weapon type to make things even more complicated? Aren’t AP bombs finally supposed to work this update? And they’ve been in the game since… well ever.

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Tested it, and it’s even worse than before against battleship. Before update at least when you able to hit ammo storage part with enough delay you could give serious damage or sink. Now fuze delay doesn’t work and AP bomb explodes just after it penetrate the deck


No wonder why some countries want to Buy it, fun fact the company who makes akeron is the same one who Made PARS 3LR

Yup. I just tested it as well. B5N2 using the AP bomb against the AI Fuso on the test range, no damage as far as I could tell.
Same attack run as the bomber that sank Arizona, should’ve detonated in the magazine of the Fuso, instead only left burn marks on the deck.
Truly impeccable that one of the only actual new features doesn’t work currently.