Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 2)

Infact, it was the question of the H-39 which clarified the " laid down but incomplete " rule for naval additions ( [QA] Answers from the developers - News - War Thunder ):

Q. Will there be projects for series H battleships for Germany in the game? They were laid, but were soon dismantled. The battleship Bismarck will not be able to withstand Yamato and Iowa on equal terms. We would like to see the H-39 project.
We consider as possible the addition of similar ships, those that were laid down, but were not completed in reality.

Point proven :)


You can’t just jump from 10.3 (EE-T2) to 11.7 (Leo) man, that’s the issue. Brazil alone as a tree doesn’t work and that’s it, it’s unfortunate but it’s true.


Another issue that i could see with these European modern DDs (not an issue IRL but in WT) is the lack of missiles that can also still hit ships. If we look at top U.S-Japanese DDGs we are looking at 96+ cells with missiles such as SM-2/SM-6 both used for air defense but can engage warships. Then there is ESSM which can be quad packed in one cell plus the standard 8 dedicated ASMs.
Thats some serious firepower. Things like the Type 45 will be good but will lack that ship to ship capabilities, and honestly while the aster missiles are exceptional, due to no ability of quad pack they run the risk of running out and also they can’t be used against ships.

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Oh its for sure being added. I can only hope it’s added late so i can enjoy Vanguard, KGV, Lion and perhaps G-3 before i get routinely curbstomped by a team of Yamato’s which is each equal to 2 of my ships.

For France you have the Normandie (3x4) that was started to be build.

So by Gaijin standards (if they don’t go with the usual dual-standard), it can come.

(now, sure it’s really inferior to the Alsace/Dunkerque/etc)

Britain nearly does that, Im sure you could scrape together a 11.3 filler and then it would be fine

Yep the UK’s current ships are heavily flawed and in a saturation attack will fare badly, coupled with there only being a maximum of 4 T45’s available at one time and only 2 to cover both CSG’s its a good job we aren’t at war. I’m gonna up and say it the T26’s aren’t good ships.

If it were up to me the military budget would be increased to 3.5% but rather than doing stupid stuff like making highly specialised stuff for the UK market. It would be focussed on export integration. Like the German and Swedish model with the CV-90 and Leopard 2. Right now half of the UK’s problem is everything is expensive and there’s no economy scaling to reign that in. Coupled with BAE’s monopoly on EVERYTHING we are very, very, very screwed.

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I don’t know why the French Navy was added without Normandie. Especially since they insisted on adding Lorraine with only 4 turrets.


Technically any BR they add her at would be " a BR w/ AShM 's ", as long as we take as reasonable that they don’t add her at BR 2.7 or lower )))

Kirov battlecruiser might not be a reasonable expectation for a fighting-mate at this stage, though: most missile ships we have, or are expecting to see due to various evidence, are of the under-3000t displacement club.
Those will almost certainly be at or below the BR of Yamato, yet we’re still far from knowing where ships having the far more effective VLS missile systems would be placed - though last update did clue us into the knowledge that such weapons nd ships are being developed, w/ this being in the files:

Why would someone play a nation with so many gaps and almost no AAs tho?


The main problem are no coastal, and no “big toy” (7.0, Dunkerque class) that can be an interesting things that bring people to grind this TT. Only 2 sad BBs.


That’s true, but gaps are unfortunately very common

Big sad gap noises



I only suggest Kirov because she’s the only ship armed with a main battery of high yield ASHM’s that could significantly dent Yamato. Tomahawks could probably work but I think you’d need to use your entire stock to sink a Yamato. But 3 kirov missiles i think would do the job.

I swear I would do anything for Brazil in the game, but not like this. As I said, it can always come as a sub-tree or event vehicles or something.

Not especially likely for those particular ships. USS Lexington is already ingame in her aircraft carrier forme:
( her last refit retaining the 8in guns, it seems, given the presence of the 1.1in AA guns along w/ them )

And USS Lexington(CV-2) was known to be modelled in this form prior to her addition, as she was discovered in the files( ) of War Thunder: Edge( which became War Thunder Mobile during that game 's second beta test ) along w/ several other player-controlled Aircraft Carriers.

One of whom was IJN Kaga.

That is a really interesting question though, how well would a super heavy battleship like Yamato fair vs modern, or at least relatively modern ASMs like Sea Eagle

South America tree is probably the likely option

Ok, perhaps that’s enough for Yamato, but that’s gonna be horrible to face with every other ships/nations.