Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 2)

Would be akin to opening the cockpit or cockpit lights, they dont serve much purpose but are nice to have.

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If anyone is interested here is the list of most of the variants of the Ha 1109 and 12


Ha-1109-K-1L (Option 1)
Main - 2x Breda 7.7 mm
Sec - (?)

Ha-1109-K-1L (Option 1)
Main - 2x 20mm cannons (Under wings)
Sec - (?)

Ha-1109-K-1L (Option 2)
Main - 2x 20mm cannons (In the wings)
Sec - (8-cm Oerlikon Rockets)

Ha-1109-K-1L (Option 3)
Main - 2x 12.7mm (Under wings)

Ha-1109-K-1L (Option 4)
Main - 2x 12.7mm (In the wings)

Main - 2x 12.7mm

Main - Rockets only

Ha-1109-J-1L (Re-engined)
Main - 2x 20-mm cannon

Ha-1112 K-1L (Option 1)
Main - 1x 12.7mm Breda MG
Sec - (80mm Rockets)

Ha-1112 K-1L (Option 2)
Main - 2x 12.7mm Breda MG
Sec - (80mm Rockets)

Ha-1112 K-1L (Option 3)
Main - 2x 20-mm Hispano

Ha-1112 M-1L (Option 1)
Main - 2x 20mm cannons (In the wings)
Sec - (Rockets)

depends if they decide to actually give the players some space and enlarge the maps. If its close quarters though, the yamato will be advantaged i’d say.

But i notice gaijin has troubles enlarging maps (especially in ground), probably cause it would need a lot of remodelling unfortunately…

Glorious was completed as a Large Light Cruiser with her in-game armament. Whereas I believe Kaga was cancelled mid-construction and converted before the turrets had been placed. Not sure about lexington.

I’m not opposed but that may hinder seeing Kaga as a BB

Exactly, would be nice filler for an update to delay other major mechanics aswell

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There are many more vehicles that I can put here for you. But it’s the same as I said, Portugal can come in to complement the Brazilian line. @galaxygms @Rileyy3437

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You guys need to show broadside to fire all your turrets ?

Pfff, amateurs…



As long as the ship was laid down it’s acceptable for WT

But how will you fire behind you whilst you run away?

(I’m joking)

got my numbers mixed up
I thought it was slower than that. That’s indeed pretty fast

Quite a few low impact things like that Id like to see, Nav lights, limited auto-pilot

I actually had a thread up a few days before new server, maybe i need to remake it on this one


Still need a little broadside for this 3rd turret in the back isnt it ? :p

there’s 9 152mm on the back for “strategic retreat” :P

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Definetly, its little details like that that sell the game for me, they add realism and interesting things to mess around with without needing to invest 4000hrs into dcs

Army of secondary and AA in the back :p



Yes there are certainly options. Something about seeing so many people vote for the Osorio to be in the US line makes me mad though. It has literally nothing to do with the US and everything to do with the fact that Britain built the turret.

fair point, it would be really nice to have

I still really want Vanguard


(this pic is from when she slipped her moorings in a storm in Portsmouth, I worked at a pub located just off her port bow in that pic, so would be funny to have in game)

I think she could be soon, would be the perfect 7.3 after Hood


That AA is monstrous. Is it the same AA battery that they deemed to be superior to the 40mm bofors?