Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

Nor is there really a specific “topic” in this thread. you’ve mostly been discussing new TTs and i’d consider that very much “on-topic” for a future update discussion at very least. At least until we start getting dev posts and stuff for the next update

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I mean like that is the rumour atm with the Hungarian air line and that which is this update via the road map. So it makes sense for me to speak about those things as they are more interesting then missiles.


Yep, short of a dedicated discussion thread for it. This is probably the next best place

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Discussing anything at length in this thread is actually off topic.

The example given by Pacifica is talking about missiles at length. You’re supposed to create a new thread to talk about the details of a specific topic.

If you want to discuss the potential for a sub tree coming for example you can go create a"Hungarian Air" thread in the Machinery of War section.

Even something that has been directly confirmed to be coming isn’t supposed to be talked about at length. Like the Gripen.

Exactly plus is more worth is being in here than making a whole thread about it since this thread has high traffic

I understand about the missile talk but like this is a Discussion thread the name is in the title

Talking about missiles for pages is no different than any other topic including sub trees/TTs, aircraft, ground vehicles, etc.

I personally find armament such as missiles much more interesting than Hungarian Copy Paste but I don’t come here starting excessive discussion on it as there are more appropriate areas of the forum to discuss that subject.

Simply the rules

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Pages what pages ?

So if let’s say I made a “leak” yea then what happens ?

Should people start creating around 40 odd threads to talk about each vehicle.

That is fair I can respect that everyone has different taste.

But yet you seemingly come here out of your way to tell to to be quiet.
Instead of idk using the block button

(If you are going to flag an argument then flag both sides and not one

pages? rumor roundup and discussion talked about missiles for thousands of messages last thread

I’d be surprised if it was different here

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With a little luck this one or the next will replace those thousands of messages of missile discussion with thousands of messages of composite armor and APFSDS pen discussion. Like in the old days.

as long as thes don’t leak Challenger Armor documents again im fine with that

what about Abrams armor documents?

I mean my post with TEC gif

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Do the new Naval missile alert voicelines only trigger on ARH launches, or are they already functional against our current SACLOS ? I know the submarine voicelines already have their triggers set, but I don’t know what part of them causes that - can’t use the datamine repository to figure this out on my own.

Would be interesting if the new Ki-48/Ki-148 also triggers them.

I´m gonna abuse the KI 148 so much at 2.3 and i aint stopping at Ground RB.
YES iam looking at you 2.3 BR Bombers.


Oh yeah that might be a fun challenge against bombers

When can we expect the Heishi Crafting Event News? Their Posts said Monday September 25th. Today is Monday September 25th at 17:12pm for me.

Yeah those confused reactions were better than these flags

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For the next update, Gaijin should reset the tank PvE mode so that it can then be played properly again.
At the moment it’s a disaster.

What was changed?I haven’t played that mode for a long time