Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

Here are good suggestions about the Yugo tree:

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Is that real? Lmfao


Will the Ki-148 be added to the Ki-102 otsu? I feel like it’s only fair, and it keeps the Ki-48 as a premium without having to introduce a TT variant


If exclude Romania from Italy then we can hide all the Hungarian stuff as well and go for Spain+Brazil concept instead, as Hungary without Romania doesn’t help much.

This is the most frequent picture of TEC I always see everywhere, especially in Discord.

I have seen it not only in war thunder discords but Even in unrelated discord servers

It is a separate development and doesn’t even look close to L-39

We found him lmao /s

But yea maybe you should stop false flagging people. .

If you keep hitting it dozens of time in which you do twelve at a time then you are the one abusing the system.


Theres already two in game. Oldies though.


How about I sort out this Argument the easy way ??.. and that will mean time away from everyone involved if this continues…

And I want to be referred to as “The Ban Hammer”



guys my post finally has been taken down

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That means you are that guy.


This just looks like a top tier that is limited to where we currently are. Not future proof at all, unlike Israel even which can still get F-16Cs and F-15s

Croatia will use the Rafale.

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Both Croatia and Serbia are looking into Rafales, with Croatia already having bought them and them being soon to arrive there.
Additionally, Serbia is developing a new J-22 Orao variant that would grant a nice rank VIII attacker besides the multirole MiG-29 and Rafales.

Ground is also continuously being worked on by mainly the Serbs, with today being the first day of the Partner 2023 event that will reveal several new vehicles, including a new SHORAD system.

Helicopters are also being updated or having new imports.


Nah. I’ve flagged no posts in this thread for example.

It’s the beginning of the end.

My Hungarian fan air tree almost did before a staff member restored it. As it helped people to see what is coming in the air line.

Ngl I wish we had the old forums back

Yea I agree with you there but like you no saint ether as most of you comments here are having a go at me.