Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

I mean Czech could be a sub tree of Poland.

But yea I forgot about Yugoslavia and the Swiss

you could do that yeah, unfortunate that a visegrad tree isn’t possible anymore

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Nope but you could make a small Warsaw pact like how Britain is with the commonwealth

The problem is that if they remove all the C&P from nations, there will be even less point to play anything apart from US and USSR. The problem can be solved by the eleminating of nation based TTs, but it will never be done.

I’m not completely against C&P. I’m against C&P if it makes up more than 75% of a rank of a nation.

And I don’t count modifcations of vehicles as C&P.

Imo nations should be added because they have cool vehicles, nations shouldn’t be added just to add another flag to the line of flags. Not that it really matters what my opinion is, I have no influence over Gaijin.

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Whilst I agree, and as a britain main, I fear the C&P in our future. I think a nation that combines different types of vehicles from different nations is in itself an interesting concept (at least for a limited number of new TTs) . Vehicle line up combinations not normally possible with the original nations.

Argentina could be another example of interesting C&P combos.

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i largely prefer some C&P vehicles over a weak lineup
but if a tree has more than 50/60% of copy paste i don’t see why it should exist

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I would like to know what make my comment more flagable than Chris’s ?

As they are on about the same topic.

I’m ok with C&P if it gets added in a proper way (like with some visual differences), unfortunately most of time Gaijin prefer to just copy an asset without any changes. Recent Hungarian additions perfectly show this, like ZSU-23-4 (Hungary used a different variant ZSU-23-4V1) or Leo 2A4 (which should have at least different MGs and smoke grenades placement) and such problems usually don’t get resolved.
PS of course C&P is better to come only when there are no domestic analogues.

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Will Air get visual animation modification just like ground vehicles?

Well TEC is now on the trend.

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I can already see the Rafale as future top tier for the tech tree…
Can’t wait

Oh from Croatia ?


Also, ground tree could receive M2 Bradleys since we bought them

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mhm but yea idk we got around 3 to 4 weeks on who it will be

Identical on everything except turret ammo & one extra gun on turret.
Also Ar 196 A-5 isn’t Swedish, it’s Finnish.



G14 exists in Germany with a slightly better engine. G2 Trop is in Germany, a colder running BF-109.

Germany already has a 2A6 & the other two Germany never put into service.
There’s less copy-paste this update than there are new vehicles.

russia doesnt have any more top tier jets they could get, also theyre preparing for fox3 missiles which is why smt and f16c were added, because they can carry said missiles. also britain and sweden are gonna get new jets so its safe to say those will carry them too

yea, you said you dont but what about the time you ENCOURAGED people to flag my israeli f15 post

When ?

Screen shot please ?

god you fr want me to look through it? alright hold on, itll be in your pms