Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

Really ?

I just checked, Poland never used the KF41 :P

So no chance of a panic attack there from the german mains :P

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But they did use Leopards and Abrams lol

Quite a bit South Korean stuff as well right?

Yea the K9, KAI 50 and the K2

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Would be an interesting top tier mix of nations

Yea like Poland can have at least 6 tanks from all over at top tier so they can have a mega line up

Top tier copypaste hell. Russian, american, german, korean dunno…

yeah i’m not sure that would be good, at all

From a match maker no but line ups yea it would be good

How many nations are left that arent a significant amount of C&P?

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yeah and for the community very much not appreciated

about 4-5?

Such as?

Hell even the majors have really high C&P.

Just look at the US and Russia premium lines

S-Korea. Not more.

it’s normal for premiums to sometimes be exports

Poland, Benelux, Spain, a United Korea and other south American countries.

Top tier yeah, but lower tier aren’t they mostly going to be soviet or chinese C&P?

yugoslavia, poland, czechoslovakia, switzerland (ground), ᵇᵉⁿᵉˡᵘˣ