Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

Wahh hold the phone I never flagged any of your comments. Anyway how could I as I was a sleep.

The time you made that comment I was in a deep sleep.

can we discuss about low rp problem? when will gaijin improve non prem rp rewards?


@_Renzo It is funny how he always have a go at me for at’ing Smin for one comment get flag and not like almost 20 on topic comments like me he cries to that one person.

But it’s distrusting how he thinks I did it with no proof what so ever that is why I didn’t name anyone.

Even so I think it takes at least 5 people to get it hidden.
But it really is a problem as even on topic comments are being hidden.

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I understand this point. I wish Gajin would have considered that before they spreaded Leopard tanks and Lynx, Bf-109, Junkers, Panzer IV, Stugs etc. to that many foreign tech trees.

Its kills off every uniqueness and immersion of tech trees. Its also bad for balancing, cause quite a few minors get access to the best units of different worlds. So the best Bt-5 is not going to Russia…NOOO the best, upgunned BT-5 mod (BT-42) somehow ended up in Swedish TT. The best Bf-109 G-2 also ended up in Swedish TT. The best Arado floatplane also ended up in Swedish TT. The best and most recent German IFV ended up in the italian TT. The Mi-28A, thx to its low BR of 10.3 (don’t face top of the line anti-air systems) the best attack chopper of this type, is also Swedish. The currently best German MBT ingame, the Leopard 2A6, somehow also found its way to the Swedish tech tree. Its just disgusting.

The South African subtree was fine. Quite unique vehicles. Many of them had british ties anyways. Copypaste was almost no issue. Then everything went downhill.

Italy already requesting Tigers and Panthers for their tech tree. As well as communist tanks. WT, as we know it, is probably getting pointless.

Whats the point of different nations then? And where’s the logic when two countries like Germany and Hungary form a tight cooperation with a huge defense joint venture…and then a video game company decides that this whole thing goes to Italy. Dear…

Germany also has a huge defense joint venture going on with more modern Leopards and the Iris-T system. With a competence center somewhere in East Germany, were the IRIS-T systems will be trialed, trained and distributed to alot other European countries. Should all this stuff end up in Swedish and Italian TT as well?

BR-42 isn’t Soviet. BT-7 L11 is Soviet which is actually better.
The Arado floatplanes are identical.
KF-41 isn’t used by Germany, and is worse than PUMA. PUMA’s not in Italy.

Not sure why you find sensible decisions & uniqueness disgusting.
Finland has little copy-paste in it BTW.


Yea I mean the whole point in a sub tree is to boost up line ups and help a nation out.

How can they do that when half of the stuff are in other trees ?

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like some players start make annoying comment

I don’t see Arado floatplanes in the German TT. Finland is not ingame. All finnish units got trashed away to Sweden, regardless their tech origin. KF41 is used in Germany, alot actually. For trials, production etc… you can’t develop a new IFV (over like 10 years) and mass produce it, without using it. How do you imagine this should ever work? Also Defence sector is tightly state controlled. So its not like Germany is not involved. Its not possible a private company can do anything without government interference, if its involving weapons and defence technology.

You sure?

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Look at the wiki it’s a was a event plane.

that is false Finland was and still is a nation with in Sweden a sub tree if you will.


KF-41 is not used in Germany. Other Lynx’s might be, but not KF-41.
Why? Cause Germany already has a next-gen IFV: PUMA.

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Didn’t you read the blog ?

Plus they need something to sell the sub tree as well.

And it worked as may more people are now playing Italy


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I wrote I don’t see any German Arado in the TT… And you answer that?

Ok, its a super rare event plane, which can’t even be bough @ marketplace. And its just the A3 version anyways. While Sweden got the A5 version as regular TT unit. One of the most produced German floatplanes of WW2. Now its Swedish.

But I guess ppl like you always find an excuse why this is totally ok. Same with the G-2. Germany just has the trop version, which sadly has dust filters at every air intake, while the G-2 base version is just a super rare premium. Sweden got the G-2 added to its TT. One of the most built and most successful German fighters is now swedish.

Everything fine, I guess.

I mean yea as at the end of the day you are just moaning about pixels on a screen.

Well that can essentially be the case for export equipment, which the KF is.

Some prototype variants could be added the Germany, but i see no reason why the Hungarian one would go to Germany the same way a Leopard1A5NO shouldn’t go to Germany


Germany really must be disliked by large parts of the community. Otherwise I can’t explain this. As it was about this Austrian tank destroyer, the very same thing wasn’t accepted by the community and the SK-105 was added to France. I guess when the M1 Abrams AIM wouldn’t have found its way to the US (ingame), there would have been an uproar as well.

But fine that this doesn’t apply for German tech. Its like the comm is super happy for every unit Germany does not get ingame.

From a neutral point of view it must look very strange. The old German Reich supplies its most capable wartime allies (Finland, Hungary, Romania) with its own tanks and planes…and this historically accurate game adds it all to completly other countries so its in fact often used against Germany ingame. Same for the strategic partnerships after WW2. German politics makes the defense industry to supply its allies and ingame all the stuff ends up on the enemy side.

Makes alot sense^^ Not.

No just that you don’t get how sub trees work.

By you logic then the Finnish Kv 1 B and the H-75’s should be in there parents trees

I totally understood how subtrees work. Its a diabolic tool to shift as much German tech away from Germany to totally unrelated countries.

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Bro forgot we don’t have historical matchmaking in game

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