Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

Isn’t the KV-1 removed (like the 4 other German prototype tanks)? Cause…I DONT SEE it anymore appearing with the German tree. But try again.

If that is the case then there was no need for this

It was an a event vehicle that is still on the market and visible

Yeah thats why. Countries like Italy and Sweden are on the other side all the time (unlike in the past, as Italy f.e. was always with Ger). That makes it so sad. Getting shot by your own stuff all the time is not fun.

Plus we have Sweden and Switzerland in game now so what people can play them now.
As people want a historical matchmaking

The arados aren’t identical. One is the A3 and the other one is the A5 with much better armarment.
It’s silly that germany doesn’t have it in the tech tree. It’s one of the most famous float planes and was nicknamed “the eye of the kriegsmarine” while sweden did only caputured 2. Germany used 100+ A5 variants

They must have restricted it, as far as I remember it was aviable for gold and several times with the monthly battle pass. Now its more or less deleted, cause the only way to access it is a lottery or if you pay hard coin at the market place. Its effectivly gone for most players.

You might be thinking of this one then.
But in any case both are still there

Thats exactly the same. I can just guess how bad british mains feel when they get swatted by their own Hunter in Ground RB from 12km away, which has Mavericks at 9.7 BR (rofl). Subtrees (kind of) are crazy. You get the best tech at most ludicrous BRs, while your country has zero relation to this stuff. Luftwaffe planes get this kind of tech one whole BR step higher, as late as 10.7 BR.

As I said. Its a diabolic tool. I understand that minor country fans are exited, since they have access to super op toys from accross the globe. But for the main nations which lose all their stuff…not so much.

Planes like the normal bf109G2, bf109 G14AS, ju86 (only in the swedish tree aswell) and arado 196 A5 should be added to germany.

There is no excuse that these vehicles don’t get added to the developer nations. All were used by Germany aswell.


Like we are still using the Phantom as one of the main fighters.
I don’t class the Tornado as a fighter more of a support or back up.
At least you got a Mig 29.

Didn’t know its that many, which got stolen. Should watch it more closely. G14 as well…also the Ju-84 successor…Oh dear.

bf109G14AS is only in the italian tech tree. But there is no excuse why this isn’t a modification for the german one

ffs it’s not stolen it’s a sub tree

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They should at least add them to germany aswell. They build them and used them

Which it was used by the Italian.

and by Germany but I can’t find the AS in Germany

I corrected it. There are so many German units just appearing in foreign trees, I lost track.

For the float plane it’s your fault for missing the event so that’s on you.

For the B3C it was a Swedish mod and was used by Sweden.
Which makes the Swedish tree more unique and it not like Germany are lacking in bombers.

Exactly. Like 3 months after the developer nation Russia got their Mig-29. Wish it would be similar with German tech.