Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

at least at top tier. Having a blast in the FRS1 and Gr7 in SB at EC8

I’ve had plenty of fun flying British in game, usually at the expense of Americans and Russians.

If I had to guess:
USA: Gets AMRAAM on F-16C
Germany: Gets AMRAAM phantom or Eurofighter DA.5 maybe
RUS: Gets R-77 on MiG-29SMT
GBR: Gets Sea harrier FA.2 or Eurofighter DA.2
Japan: Gets Mitsubishi F2
China: Gets J-10
Italy: Gets Eurofighter DA3
France: Gets MICA on their Mirages, possibly some other mirage variants??
Sweden: Gripen C
Israel: AMRAAM on Barak II?

Also 4 vehicles off spading british ground, yeehaw lmao

How does the Gripen break that trend yet the F-18 doesn’t??

Besides that I don’t see Gaijin adding an F-18 to britain without also adding it to the US. It’s a super iconic US fighter that featured in a very popular movie recently. At which point people would go “hurr durr why US get another fighter” again.

I dont think Russia will get R-77, those are apparently akin to Aim-120C. They’ll get the next up from R-27ER I reckon, but yeah, that is my guess for the list as well. Though Italy could just get AMRAAM on their F-16 or AV-8B+ and Germany could just get Phantom ICE. But I really hope we dont get screwed like that.

EF Typhoon is definetly in the cards

Yeah, that is a good point. I could see F-18 coming to US, Sweden and Britain at the same time. But It wouldnt be first to Britain. I also think by the time we are looking stuff like the F-18, EF Typhoon F2 would be on the cards

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I would like to know where the person who said Italy has 0 doing with Hungary is.
As I found at least 10 Italian aircraft in Hungarian service.


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I’m not saying the CF-18 wouldn’t break the trend lol
What I am saying though, is so far there’s been plenty of chances for SA vehicles, right now like Buccaneer S2B, but Gaijin has stuck pretty firm on it being only british aircraft designs.
So while i’d love to see the CF-18 and it would be a great fit, It’s likely we’ll see Sea Harrier FA.2, Eurofighter Typhoon Development Aircraft, or some AMRAAM slinger like BAe Hawk 200 or Tornado CSP before then.

That said – Gaijin has said they’d be taking commonwealth vehicles to fill gaps in UKs TT.
The 11.3 - 12.3 gap is a pretty big hole that will be hard to fill. I’d wager EF2000 would be the fit, but
Gripen C, TES Tejas, CF-18, FA/18 RAAF all could be on the cards

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The guy with the russian looking name? Please don’t summon him back here.

I was enjoying the lack of germany suffer discussion :(


lmao sorry but yea he is a lie though.

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I can’t wait to bounce a hypersonic telephone pole off a BMP.

A kinetic AP missile is going to be pointless. Zero post pen, dumb ricochet mechanics. Still might try to grind for it. It’s too cool not to

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The Yak-141 already has that unused loadout for R-77, it 's currently the only aircraft to have evidence for MR-ARH in-game rather than the proof being in leaks or stated plans.

Besides, the PL-12 that the J-8F is going to receive are reputedly at the AMRAAM-C level of performance, too.

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F-15J with amraam

On the same level as aim-120c7

Aim120 was found in the files last December. There’s a full model for it.

I wonder Gripen C for Hungarian equipped 3rd gen targeting pod Rafael Litening III like Gripen C from Swedish & South African ?

I guess new content in 3 month

Could add AIM-120B on F-16C Block 50, F-16A Block 15 ADF (USAF) could got AIM-120A,
AIM-120B on AV-8B+ & F-16A Block 15 ADF (Italy), for early aircraft with active radar BVRAAM from Isreal maybe F-15C or F-16I Sufa, J-10A with (SARH) PL-11 & (ARH) PL-12, add PL-12 on J-8F and F-16A Block 20 MLU dev might consider AIM-120B


I’m woundering if Gajjin is just going to give China an upgraded F-16 or a new actual domestic plane for their next major airplane


I wish we can get SU27 and F15c first, even just limit them use R73/R27ET or AIM9M/AIM7F, F16C is a very OP vehicle

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