Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

With the current focus on more modern jets I am happy about every older jet we can get our hands on tbh

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I doubt it will ever be added, it’s probably going to stay in CDK forever. For the tree it isn’t that necessary and USSR TT already has this SU-22 as squadron, I doubt they will C&P it.

Yep, its why I play SB over ARB these days. But it could be stupidly easy to modify the EC maps we have for SB to add some maps to ARB with carriers and then adding a good RB EC gamemode would open the door for more people to play “sim”. I get why people may not want to play SB. But the result is that its basically abdandoned at this point. It takes months and months of posts to get any tiny change made.

If there was an RB EC gamemode, I think it would be very popular and thus SB EC could just get second-hand love

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Australia can’t stand on its own, even though I would instantly become an Aussie main if they were a possible candidate for a new nation

but I think they should have been Britains Sub-TT and not SA

Australia doesn’t have enough for a subtree.

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As @Mysto_ just said, australia really doesn’t have much to offer

As an Aussie myself, it’s a bit disappointing, but it is what it is.

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I think actually that isnt true

had a lot of suggestions from a lot of people abut what could have been added. As many if not more than SA

Man, why did they have to make the A.C.I a one-off non-coupon premium?

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The thing is that every Australian unique and modified vehicle I know of other than the ASLAV would be from WW2 or immediately after, so unlike Hungary and Finland which can have quite a number of unique and modified things at the higher tiers, Australian cannot other than the ASLAV.

I still think it could have been milked just enough for a full sub-TT, especially if it was augmented with stuff from Canada, New Zealand and few other nations that I’d consider closer ties to Britian than South Africa or India (who both arent really all that happy with Britain anymore and both may leave Commonwealth now the queen has died)

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I’ve been looking through aussie vehicles every now and then, the majority of them is just things that either would go to britain either way, or wouldn’t really fill any gap
They built stuff like the A.C.s and had Aussie spec variants of vehicles, my faves being the Murray Flame Tank, a Matilda with a flamethrower instead of a main gun, and the Humber Hornet

Unfortunately Hungary wouldn’t have much unique to them in higher tiers either.
It would basically be limited to A T-55 and T-72 that mounts domestic ERA when it comes to local production.
They could receive export such as the KF-41 configuration that is in the game and could be added just for Hungary, but it is not a guarantee.
After WW2 Hungary’s shine really dimmed in the unique vehicles department.

A T-72M1 with ERA is still a modification. There is also the BMP-1 with the BTR-80A turret that Hungary put together, as well as a few others that I can’t remember off the top of my head.

I mean, judging by how US mains usually react to the idea of giving britain a F-111 or a F/A-18 there is no good solution lol

I’ll give you the BMP-1 with OWS-25 turret (not BTR-80A turret), but that is really where it ends.
There is the FuG family of vehicles, but to my knowledge these were never armed with anything beyond the power of a 14.5mm machine gun.

*I have corrected the name of the turret, which I had incorrectly classified

NOOOO DON’T GIVE AWAY OUR VEHICLES GIJIN. Their fault for exporting them

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I wish this could be used to silence the Leopard 2 export outcries on this forum, but alas…

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We are referring to different vehicles. Hungary mounted both the BTR-80A and OSW-25 turrets on the BMP-1 hull.