Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

This was meant more in relation to the ‘alliance tree’ case, as Gaijin currently seems to be more focused on the sub-trees for certain nations than alliance trees.
New independent trees are a given for the future though, that is a very true fact.

I do love the idea of switzerland, a notoriously neutral country, being added to WT. Especially if they ended up being OP for some reaosn


It would definitely provide a different and unexplored experience that would be bound to surprise many.
Switzerland is very unappreciated in their arms industry and I wish this were highlighted more through mediums such as War Thunder.

Also damn, I talk like a bot.

I mean we got Sweden so yea the Swiss got a chance as well.

I don’t like how people want to limit this game just to fill there WW2 ick

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And whilst the Swiss do constantly invade them

We all know we need liechtenstein in WT too

By “Liechtenstein”, I’m assuming you mean Andorra. We can’t go without Andorra.

I get people wanting a good WW2 sim, but for me, I find that gameplay so repititive and slow. It all needs to be added evenly

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Perhaps when playing as the Swiss you too may return from a battle with a new friend 😉

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Buccaneer is pretty much solely base bombing and…unfortunately i’m one of the weirdos who enjoy ir lmao
Blowing up convoys, bases, etc, good fun.
The Avro Vulcan, The Victor, and Valiant would all do pretty good as 8.7 - 9.0 and 10.0 jet bombers. They carry the same sort of ordinance as buccaneer, just a new airframe that performs better and has more CMs
It probably wont be added, but I dont think it’d be pointless for CAS or ARB. It’d be pretty good for carpet bombing or to win games via ground unit kills

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Another secret military super power :P

Not sure about Valiant and Victor, but certain Vulcan variants could carry AIM-9Gs.
Perhaps this would give it a leg-up in being added to the game.

They would be badass nuke carriers haha

Screw the Canberra and the Jaguar, if I ever get a nuke I wanna drop it while letting the Vulcans engines howl

That has been suggested and past onto the devs. But yeah, Vulcan would be fun and differernt. Even seen the suggestion that the Buc should be moved to the naval line and then replaced by the Vulcan in the bomber line


I agree 100%

The point, from my comments here today, is that I don’t see too many TT options that can be desirable and competitive without being combined TTs.

Another point that we are not considering is the “market” of players behind each new TT. I play on the North American server and in each game I see that more than 30% are Brazilians and Argentines. The base of Turkish, Polish and Korean players is also considerable. We don’t need to explain the situation in India…

Personally I support the idea that Belgium and Holland have their own TT and not subtrees.


Let’s all be real tho, what we really need right now isn’t 4th/4.5th gen fighters, AMRAAMs, strategic bombers, new nations or sub trees

We need naval (and arcade) maps in ARB and more weather types


Or a really well made RB EC gamemode


a combined naval ec with air rb ec would be sick, to just allow naval planes to really shine and to allow more aa oriented ships to also shine

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I’d love if there was a proper ARB EC mode, the idea behind EC is great, but when the maps come up they are just slightly larger normal maps with additional bases
It would finally allow bombers and interceptors to do the jobs they were designed to do


We also need more A-4 lol

With Israel, anything could be added but I’d like for them to be WW2 nations or existed at the time.
nations I’m 80% sure of to I’m sure of could be added independently

Nations this talk has made me realize
Benelux(one nation that is the main tree different one a subtree and the last part of it unofficially)

This list was just WW2 nations that existed. I’m sure there are a few post-war nations that could be added like Korea.

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