Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

I personally don’t think they will ever do alliance-style tech trees. It looks like as far as they will go is a nation and a Sub-tree. We have one nation left that can take a sub-tree.

I mean the Commonwealth would make the most sense for the first alliance-style tree and instead, we got a SA sub tree and Canada, Australia and New Zealand are known to not be able to have their tech in one tree. And it looks just as bad for the other major alliance trees I’ve seen.

Yes, at least some of the D.3800 series did, as well as the C-360x series is largely service aircraft.

Depending on how you look at things the argument can be made that these already exist in the form of the German tree (BDR and DDR) and the Chinese tree (PRC and ROC), though this is admittedly a stretch.

Sub-trees seem to be the current trend, though I wouldn’t leave things such as Benelux off the table.
I wouldn’t be surprised if it were just a Dutch tree with Belgian sub-tree, but a more ‘equal’ tree to call it so could perhaps transform it into something more akin to an ‘alliance tree’.

I honestly think that Poland (or maybe Yugoslavia) is most likely the one, however what makes A unified Korea less likely then an Turkish or Spanish Tree?

I get that it’s iconic, and that you like it. Not sure I’ll convince you that it shouldn’t be added.

All I can say is that it would be pointless in Ground RB. It’s not going to CAS well at all. It could survive in Air RB, but I promise you, F-8 Corsairs are going to drop you with Sparrows easy as heck. Shamelessly, I base bombed about 400k exp in the Su-25K grinding the lines, I’ve seen a thing or two. Unless you find solely base-bombing (not dropping down and mopping up ground targets and enemy planes after) entertaining, there’s no way this thing is gonna be in the game.

If they ever figure out a way to put strategic bombers in game, I’ll be right there with you, I’d love a Tu-22M3.

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I love that air tree though I would mind some captured bomber and that 110 to make up some numbers up

Thanks mate, I don’t really care that much about ground, my time with the british tree didn’t really make me enjoy it so far
I’d be happy to see another unique air tech tree in the future and so far switzerland really never struck me as a source for new unique planes

"The J–10 is clearly not a Lavi clone, however. It has significant design differences from
the Lavi including its larger size, canard positioning, wing platform, and two-dimensional air



It’s not a Lavi. It’s a J-10 that was developed with a massive amount of technical data and cooperation with Israel.


As a long range bomber enjoyer myself I would love to get strategic bombers, even if they ended up completely and utterly useless
At least they would be great ACTUAL targets for EC


That’s fair!
British tree isn’t exactly the friendliest in the ground department.

If you wish to explore more aviation options, then perhaps the other nations I mentioned prior could be of interest to you too.

In particular Czechoslovakia, Poland and Yugoslavia had and still have some unique aircraft that would take them from rank I up to rank VIII.
Romania is also surprisingly good, being of a similar league in the aviation side of things (if not only slightly worse) as the aforementioned, with them being rank I-VII capable, though currently troubled at rank VIII if I’m not mistaken.
Spain also had some aviation stuff, but it was more limited than the four above.
Benelux is also an easy one to point to, though this mostly relates to just the lower tiers.

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I think that is because Germany, France, Italy and the Balkans exist but yea it’s very interesting to read up on some aircraft from the Swiss

They could even add some Polish aircraft too add up the numbers.
As they used some before and in the war IIrc

I agree that it is a stretch as on paper both are Germany(East and West) and China(People’s Republic and Republic of)

Glad to see that it’s not only my forum that is bugged when quoting several citations xd

indeed. I had a point on your Benelux stuff I’ll see if I could recover it.

This feels more like how they go with Luxenberg being an unofficial part of it like how Sweden is a Nordic tree(unofficially) but legally only Sweden and Finland.

(post 2 because for some reason it broke when duble quoting)

As of now we can only speculate whether alliance trees have a future.
I think they will, but only after several years from now.

I expect a South Korean tree with either the DPRK being silently incorporated into it or it being a formal sub-tree there.

Same for Benelux as I stated above.

Czechoslovakia and Poland could also have one nation being a sub-tree to another (could work either way to be honest).

The only alliance tree I can for sure imagine being added with it being branded as an actual alliance is Latin America, though this is quite a stretch when it comes to priority when compared to some other nations if you ask me, I doubt it’s Gaijins first pick either.
Even then it could just as easily be an Argentinian or, even more likely, Brazilian flag with other nations just being tossed in there.

There is no telling and we will have to wait and see.
I hope for Benelux to be the first true alliance tree in the game, as the nations of the Netherlands and Belgium work very synergistically with one another.
Again though, only time will tell.


Looking through that one fan-made Swiss Air tree right now, that stuff does look great
Most of the lists I’ve seen only ever highlighted their imports, but their own projects look very interesting, and them using both swedish and british aircraft at the same time is like the cherry on top
I’d definitely support grouping them with Austria


By our logic, sub TTs seem to be the solution to many problems. But a subTT only serves to relaunch an old and forgotten TT, while the new national TTs seem to make more money.

The point is that Gaijin is not talking about adding new subtrees. He will add them, of course, to empower existing nations. But here Gaijin is talking about new playable nations:


Bonuses for researching new in-game nations
Currently, War Thunder features 10 playable nations, and we have no intentions of stopping there! However, as we introduce new nations, it becomes increasingly challenging to capture the attention of veteran players. They have already traversed the ranks multiple times, and therefore, each new journey through a different tree becomes less captivating.

To address this, we plan on implementing a system to alleviate the situation. If a player has a top vehicle in a vehicle branch within one nation, they will receive a RP bonus when researching the equivalent branch of other nations.

In the research tree, certain vehicles will be marked as “top” vehicles for each nation at any given time. Once a player gets one of these vehicles, they will receive an RP bonus when researching other nations where they haven’t yet obtained the top vehicles. The size of the bonus will depend on the rank being researched and will be applicable for the first three battles played each day.

The preliminary bonus for each rank will be:

For rank IV +15%
For rank V + 25%
For rank VI + 35%
For ranks VII and VIII + 50%
These are our initial plans, but we may adjust them by the time the new mechanics have been introduced.

We plan to add these bonuses in a future major update, planned for October-November 2023.

I am glad to have convinced you!

If you have any more questions or wish to know more of some of these nations, then you can feel free to ping me or send me a DM.
Personally I’m a huge fan of what people dub ‘minor nations’ and their vehicle procurement with a specialty in Yugoslav ground vehicles. I am building up knowledge for the aviation side of things too though, so there especially I may be of help. o7