Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

Tornado F3 didnt get AMRAAM till 1996, everyone thinks its getting AMRAAM next update. Chronologically we are in the ballpark for NATO nations

Tornado also isn’t a Mig-29M or F-15 airframe, so…
We’ll see.
Then again, F-15s could get AMRAAM As for balance.

Yeah the russian and US mains arguing why they suffer in top air rb is so much better. This thread was always 80% suffer posts

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No difference in a2a performance between A or B, just QoL improvements for ground teams. (At least thats what ive been told previously)

I think id advocate for F15 with AMRAAM because the closest thing in comparison for Britain, germany and italy would be Typhoon. Small jump ahead and it would enable all nations to be equal again.

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What’re the chances we see ground mapping radar so that way we dont have to slam into the side of a mountain when its foggy out?


That 's incorrect, it was leaked by Oliviia in the lead-up to Apex Predators, but has never appeared in the game files.

Only R-77 has done that( indirectly, through the unused loadout on Yak-141 )

I wonder if we’ll be seeing other removed pack prems come back to stay like this, a dozen or two have been removed from sale over the last year and a half.

I was just thinking about you.

Since Smin said this,

Where is that Romanian Skoda LT 35 going ?

It 's a good question, but foremost understand that the Pz.35(t) " Romania Mare " in the files is very much the German-produced variant - just w/ the markings to distinguish it as belonging to the 1st Romanian Armored Div.

When it 's appeared recently, it 's economic data indicates it to appear w/in the DE techtree as a Rank 1 premium. It predates the addition of the Italy techtree by years, after all - doesn’t seem like it 's been touched much since.

We’ll just have to wait and see if it’ll be moved to the " minor axis " subtree that 's appeared in the time since it was created when it 's implemented now, if it 's implemented.

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Clearly just file an IFR flight plan and follow IMC conditions. Oh wait Center is empty…

I mean if it Romanian than surely it should be called the R-2 right ?

Full Terrain following radar would be really cool on the Tornados. Making “All-weather” able jets have that value would actaully be cool. But just a radar altimetre in the external HUD would be good too. Already in the code. Many jets have them in the cockpit HUD

In the next few weeks I will be making my what if sub tree for the Hungarian aviation line

It 's a very, very old model gamewise, the name isn’t as much of an indicator as it would be now. We still have a tank ingame from that early period w/ a fictional designation, if you want proof of that - it 's called " M4A5 " somehow, instead of Tank, Cruiser, Ram Mk.II.

(Angrily breathing lowly)

Funny Gifs : scowl GIF -

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I like the enthusiasm lol but, realistically an XF-2A with prototype AESA or F-16C radar is more likely. It’s basically a more maneuverable F-16C (maybe more than the F-16As), but otherwise nothing too different than what already exists so should fit in.

This is all assuming, of course, that we aren’t getting F-15Cs this year, in which case no F-15Js.

I might be misremembering but I’m sure there was a AIM120A found in the files

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I really hope Gaijoob adds the Ki-148 to the Ki-102 :(

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Ah as it turns out I already made a fan Hungarian tree so I might as well release that here.

Might be for the M-55S