Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

JDAMs weren’t laser guided until 2008 and even then the Japanese Air Defense Force doesn’t use them according to Boeing

Unfortunately/Fortunately,. Maybe Gripen for Britain

Whilst true, they;ve never put any effort into making top tier balanced beyond 2 to 3 nations. It would still very much surprise me if they decided to add such a massive boost for what ARE minor nations. Gripen would very possibly be the best turn fighter in game and have ARH with a radar not far of the Typhoon I think. But that would innevetiably mean F-15 for US counter (plus Israel and japan). Then Su-30 for Russia counter and then… nothing for Germany (or Britain if we didnt get Gripen)

It’s just messy. Its either jump all forward in fairly rapid succession. Or dont jump any forward at all and try to maintain some balance with AAM additions.

Which is me, so thanks

I’ve said this before but as someone who plays multiple nations but I am undoubtably a Sweden main, I do believe that Sweden is fast transitioning out of the minor nation catagory. Ground alone I feel it is a huge competitor to what all of us consider the big three.

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I just want an update that adds more 50s to mid 70s jets…

Like yeah Modern stuff is cool and all but I want more early Missile flinging critters Like Su-15, F-106,more Mirages ect… more attackers and whatnot as well.

Also I am 99% sure next update will be ground focused and anything major for air won’t come till Christmas or after the new years

Yeah, it rapidly is. Though part of me wonders if thats just “flavour of the month” if a new nation is added this year. then would Sweden additions drop off rapidly?

I don’t know. Sweden is looking fairly well rounded with a lot of potential. But still leaves a lot of questions for both Germany and Britain (and maybe a little bit Italy) specifically in air and a shakey future for Japan air too

This is where I think I first heard about it, for the later F-2 variant.

I would very much enjoy taking my Sea-Vixen out a lot more if Red Tops ever get fixed and whilst I dont really enjoy anything below the higher tiers much these days. Maybe a few oddities i’d play. Vulcan would be really interesting or something like the Lightning F1.

I do hope that all nations have a part to play in future updates and can hang at top tiers but it does look bleak in some aspects for certain nations. Sweden is just an interesting one since they kinda go hard with developing their own weapon systems in house. I met SAAB engineers at a defense contractor convention and I was blown away by their prowess in the field.

So what I take from this is that they are capable of utilizing the weapons but Japan has yet to purchase them. GBU-54s would definitely be a pretty cool (yet very modern) addition though.

Sweden or France is the only nations I’d consider leveling (only air though, I barely survived doing 1 nation in ground)

Yeah, I just cannot wrap my head around what the next 6 months is going to look like, without some nations leaping ahead and others sat twiddling their thumbs sub 12

I am going to go out on a limb and suggest that the nations I think will be sitting idle in air are Japan, China, and possibly Germany. Which is sad to me but we have seen it before.

they do use them as far back as early F-2s they cant use them because in WT we would need buddy lazing. it’s not until late F-2s that they receive sniper pod.

China has a few interesting adds. J-10 and J-11 (chinese copy paste of Su-27) wouldnt be unreasonable for fairly soon, throw in another F-16 variant for CAS and they’d be fine for a while.

I think its going to be Italy, japan, Germany and Britain with very little over the next year or so. No more than 1 new addition. If Gripen, then that could come to a few, but Its now gone from 100% to 50/50 in my mind now. But Sweden would need something almost as much as Britain does. So F-18 wouldnt be insane on that front (could also come to Britain, but thats even shakier than Gripen to Britain)

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Do you have a source? I am not fighting you here I am just curious, Boeing states the countries they sell them to and Japan is not on there

You don’t see Italy getting the Gripen? I think they would definitely add it through Hungary but I don’t know if they would wait for the entire sub air tree to do it.

GBU-54 early F-2



And here is sniper pod late F-2



Only if Hungarian air was added and only if needed. They did just get AV-8B+ so thats probably it for the year (plus AMRAAM). You could throw in another F-16 variant to tie them over early next year. But its a tricky choice on that front. Again, its entirely mute if Gripen doesnt come.

But realisitcally, no, I dont see very much coming to Italy now till Typhoon. Almost the same boat as Germany, but unlike Germany, they could really do with the rest of their TT flushing out. so I could see a lot of lower tier additions coming (though I dont relaly know what)

In terms of the sniper pod, Lockheed-Martin lists the F-2.

EDIT: @Fireraid233 got it

You not only left out quite a bit, but also, we already have a Mirage 2000D, which is an attacker version.

I forgot to look in that line. Woops. So, thats nothing then for france? and what else did I miss?