Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

Ah ok I’ve misread it

Here is the devblog/updates spreadsheet for anyone wanting to look at patterns:


Thank you!

Generally my hopes for this update are a J10A and at least something competitive fighter wise for england, that would be enough to make me content.

Japans new SAM which was soonTM, AIM-9M/R73/similar for other nations is what im hoping for at a minimum


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Now I’ve got a minute. Only had time for a quick response before. Tornado IDS’s biggest problem is not necessarily A2A offence. They will never be good in that role nor should they necessarily be. There biggest problem is a lack of A2A defence and A2G could get a buff. That could result in a BR increase when completed and then that would require an AAM buff. But I’d start with defensive buffs.

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Yea plus the things he said were awful


With the way they worded things last patch im starting to think the new SAM won’t be ready till next year :(

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X nation mains coping and crying while the non biased all-nations enjoyers just sit there n laugh
Seriously tho, what the hell is all this bozo crap, y’all need to chill this is R&D thread, take it to reddit


i’ll compromise with XF-2 then

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I predict XF-2A before the F-2

And a super nerfed version at that :(

F-15J on a wait-list because the tears of US players if it came to Japan before US are too strong

And F-2 delay because people have the misconception that it will break the game somehow/it’s AESA radar is impossible to add


yeah i just logged in and looked around and I am kinda glad I haven’t been on most of the day now…

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also lol, another post of mine from like a day and a half ago got flagged for no reason again…lmao even


I just started grinding PSO and spading PL…

Not because I am too interested in either of them, but because Smin basically confirmed “a heavier German Leopard 2 coming this year”, so I must get ready hahahah

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Damn US main looking for a better German tank 😜


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