Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

You are probably right, only thing i could think of is that the Rafale used a PESA radar from its outset whilst having the majority of the advantages of Typhoon but tuned down slightly, but that’s just me grasping at straws. Unless they add the Mirage 4000 with MICA’s for France but again i doubt it.

Given the Gripen situation, im betting ETPS or SAAF Gripen C.

those are no indications of it coming. it was pretty clear with the addition of the AJ that they did not want to add any F-2s yet.

Totally. Its as good an indication that it isnt coming, that it is an indication that it is coming in December.

I mean F-2 early has been considered since 2019 if the old forums are anything to go by. F-15s are more likely for December.

Yeah Britain is kind of in a tough spot of not having anything in between and going straight into in my opinion one of the best gen 4 platforms. it will be interesting to see what Gaijin does.

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Easy answer there.

Next Jet will be Sea Harrier FA2.

Im guessing Harrier Gr9 is not far off now we’ve got Aim-9M. That would be a solid 12/12.3 ground attacker with all the right loadout options. Including possibly Brimstone

Tornado Gr4 could come but I think that will need ASRAAM/Brimstone to be a worthwhile addition otherwise Id rather just take the Tornado Gr1 being finished.

After that, its just keeping Britain in the fight with regular AAM upgrades. Aim-120B to Aim-120C ASAP for the Sea Harrier FA2 and/or Tornado F3.

I could see ASRAAM coming a little before other nations got equivalent as well, at least on very selective platforms.

But I think there is a set-up for the Typhoon which means it could comfortably come Q2 next year.

But I think what htey really need to do is “suck it up” and put in the work. All nations have a reasonable pick for a BR13. Typhoon included. I think they just need to skip most of 12.3 and maybe also 12.7. Not every nation has 11.7s and heck Britain doesnt have any 10.7 or 11s in their TT (and only there second 10.3) gaps are fine. I think they just need jump everyone ahead to create a level playing field. It eliminates all of this debate and makes every nation happy.

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Honestly, I don’t think the F-15 is any more likely and it’s a tossup between the XF-2 or F-15.

Hopefully we will see some of Aermacchi jets in the game soon, most of their main variants are well documented with an easy access to information and many photos. Plus iirc there was some confirmation about Italian jet CAS in works, unless it’s simply about AV-8B+…

Depends if they want to introduce AESA or not, yes there is the APG-68 thing but I don’t even think Gaijin is aware of that and there is no clear evidence as well. As I mentioned above for the Typhoons it seems like they don’t want to limit the F-2s and just add them with full capabilities for that version. F-15s on the other hand already have the tech in game for them if not already past due, and will go to 3 nations plus December is usually a big update that ends with a bang, what better way then to add arguably one of the most iconic gen 4 fighter jets. But I guess we’ll see…

My only major objection to F-15 is that it would go to US, Israel and Japan. Whilst Japan is certainly deserving of it. US and Israel dont need another jet so soon. F-15 also would mean Su-27 for Soviets. Again same situation. Could be part of a wider update with other additions like Typhoon, J-10, Gripen but I’d fear the same nations that just entered 12.3 getting a 12.7, whilst other nations still barely have 12s

I’d think there’s about as much or more evidence for the APG-68, including whatever info their consultant has compared to the F-16AJ though. Suffice to say, it’s not something that can or will stop them, should they decide to pursue that route.

Personally the XF-2 is well passed due now, but the F-2 itself I don’t expect till other AESA aircraft show up maybe next year. F-15 is definitely possible itself. My only point of contention is that, again, it’s a tossup and not strictly one being favored over the other.

Honestly, I think that’s gonna be the norm as more US/RU jets means more jets for other nations too so more content overall. From a development standpoint it makes sense as well so they can get more bang for their buck.

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Yeah… Just frustrating that’s all. Especially as someone who mains 1 of the 3 nations that doesnt buy anything from the US or Soviets. Especially as all they’d needed to do was skip the F-16C/ Barak II, delay giving either nation anything a few more months then added F-15 to all 3 nations that used it.

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That’s actually a regular non-ICE F-4F, you can tell because it has a black nose. F-4F ICE has a white nose due to the new radome. Both were used for a while so you sometimes see regular F-4F painted in Norm 91.


Gaijin doesn’t release max rank premiums. The only reason rank 7 premiums exist is cause they were corrected with rank 8 on the horizon.

F-5C is op at 10.3, remove the unrealistic flares and I will be happy

They won’t so you will never be happy

They nerfed Ka-50 prem & several prems while ago, nerf f-5c too please.

About time too

Doesnt even need that. The flares arent necessarily the issue in that regard. It just runs unrealistically cold and the game doesnt modeled afterburner plumes to have any form of temp. IR seekers exclusively look at the engine temp, which on the F5 is lower than that of Harrier.

Fixing how reheat plume temp works and IR seekers work would fix A LOT of problems in the IR seeker world and be a meaningful change for the F5 as well.

And anyway you can use rockets as flare too